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Hello, we are Octopus Interiors.  Designing Office Layouts, building Partition Walls, supplying and laying Carpet Tiles and providing Office Furniture are just some of the many things we do for small and medium sized businesses in London and the Southeast. 

big budget results on a small budget 

We’re an Office Fit Out and Refurbishment company focused on helping SMEs with lesser budgets achieve office layouts, design and functionality that others would usually charge considerably more for. 

working just for you

As a main contractor we work directly for you, the office occupier, and we provide all the materials, tools and the skilled workers to plan, project manage and refurbish & furnish your office.

big, small and tiny projects! 

We don’t only take on complex multi-faceted office fit-out projects. We regularly work on small & simple one-off contracts such as installing a single partition wall or replacing a few carpet tiles. We take on work that others often don’t want to do, either because it’s too small, too complicated or simply not profitable enough for them!   We’re very approachable so whatever your needs, please do get in touch and we’d love to talk! 

back to the office – reversing the homeworking trend!

Home working just isn’t working for many of us and encouraging everyone back into the office is proving difficult for many businesses. Today’s workplace has changed, needs and working practices have changed and we now want a nicer, friendlier & more comfortable office environment with a different level of functionality – somewhere we’d be happy working but where we can also be more productive and interactive.

The post covid office of 2023 featuring a mix of permanent desking, hot desking and acoustic soft seating and furniture for informal meetings, collaborative work and quiet work.

It doesn’t necessarily require a big budget though. The change might simply be a matter of a bit of decoration, perhaps some new ‘homely’ looking carpet tiles, rearrangement of existing furniture and the addition of acoustic pods and other soft seating & working arrangements.  We can plan this for you and  help make your office a really nice, inspiring and well functioning place to go to and to work from.

Here are the main services we provide:

Office Furniture


Room shot of a selection of Narbutas Office Furniture supplied and installed by Octopus Interiors London - acoustic work booths, storage, executive desk, desks and workstations, meeting tables and chairs and soft seating. a small selection of the vast range of Narbutas office furniture we supply and install in London


We’re confident that you’ll be very, very surprised quite how much you’ll get from us for your budget. Office Furniture is our core business and we supply and install an outstanding range from leading European manufacturer Narbutas offering quality, extensive choice, innovation and design at the most highly competitive prices.

Our contemporary mainstream Desking Systems,   Office Chairs,   Office Storage Cupboards and Soft Seating are designed and produced by Narbutas in a vast array of variations, configurations and finishes and turned around on a fast and highly reliable timescale. It offers exceptional value and choice for both start-up and established companies of all types and sizes.

Our full range of office furniture products include Boardroom & Meeting Tables,   Executive Desks,   Reception Counters and Acoustic Booths. To find out how much it will cost to furnish your office with our products please give us a call and we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

Office Fitout

We take on complete office interior fit-out and refurbishment projects. Our customers are typically tenants in London with offices accommodating 10 to 150 staff or around 1,000 to 15,000 square feet in size ( 100m² to 1,500m²).  We also carry out dilapidations work and refurbishments for landlords.

Your office will probably have already received a landlord’s base fit-out of just essential services and basic décor (this is usually known as a Cat A fitout).  We help by transforming it into the look, layout and functionality you want (a Cat B fitout). We do this through space planning to identify the optimum layout and providing a complete supply and fit package of solid & glass partition walls, carpet tiles, lighting, power & data cabling, teapoints, painting & decorating and much, much more.

We also supply and install a fabulous range of office furniture.

Our project work is focused specifically within London and the Home Counties with the majority of activity in Central London, Southwest London and Surrey.

Partition Walls

Single glazed and double glazed office partitioning installation with solid studwall sections.

We supply and fit many different types of glazed and solid partition walls.  The creation of meeting rooms & private offices and the zoning of open office space through the installation of floor to ceiling partitions is a major element of most of our fit-out projects. We also do post fit-out installations within operational offices.  Practicality, acoustics, light transfer, air circulation and cost of ownership are just some of the many aspects we take into account and discuss with you when planning and designing your space. 

Building Control Approvals

Building a partition wall is not always a straight forward procedure.  Much of the work we carry out in your office is subject to building regulations and approvals and when creating new partition walls, for example, we are altering the layout of your office and the Building Control department of your local authority and the fire service take a keen interest in ensuring that the new layout meets building regulations. They want to know that there is adequate automatic fire detection, alarms, emergency lighting, signage and so on, and that escape routes are not compromised by the new configuration.     

We will guide you though this process and prepare the majority  of the documentation & plans ourselves. We usually work with an independent approved building control company to carry out the inspections and submissions.  

Acoustic Rooms & Pods

Extra large free standing acoustic meeting room pod with table and 7 chairs in wood and fabric covered acoustic padding
Creating private work and meeting spaces within open plan offices has traditionally been achieved by fitting partition walls, but these can be costly to install and remove. Once up, they’re a permanent and  often inflexible feature making inefficient use of expensive office space.  Our pre-configured free-standing acoustic rooms and booths are a cost effective and flexible and way to create quiet & private meeting, work and relaxation spaces.  Unlike fixed partitioning, there’s usually no building control involvement, no expensive air conditioning reconfigurations or additions, no landlord’s licence-to-alter and  no dilapidations costs. Furthermore, you can relocate them within your office when the need arises and take them with you to your new office when you move. 

Carpet Tiles and LVT

Plank Shaped carpet tiles arranged in herringbone layout with diffusing colours.

We supply and fit sustainable and considerately produced carpet tiles from world leading manufacturers.  Our work includes pre-occupied empty offices as part of the overall fit-out process and carpet tile replacements in fully furnished operational workspaces.  Looking for a quick turnaround? – We have access to a vast range of carpet tiles, made in the UK, and available from stock within a few days.          

Space Planning & Interior Design

A 2D colour space plan of a 3500 sq ft office in Farringdon, London EC1, showing meeting room and furniture layoutsAs a matter of course, we normally do space planning for you before we do a fit-out or furniture installation because we want to be absolutely sure everything fits. But even well before that stage, if you’re in the process of looking for new office space,  we would like to help you make sure it’s the right size and shape  before you commit to a lease and before you begin costly negotiations.  We provide a building measuring and CAD space planning service, normally free of charge, to help you through this process and identify the right property as early as possible.

Our 2 dimensional space plans can form the basis of photo realistic Interior Design imagery enabling you to see how your office is going to look. 




Featured Products

29th February 2024

New Low Carbon Carpet Tile Range

Burmatex Infinity carpet tiles in commercial office waiting area
Our carpet tile provider, Burmatex, have launched their new low carbon footprint range, Infinity, offering an exciting range of quality Solution Dyed Nylon tiles at a very economical price.

20th January 2024

New Executive Desk Range

See Arqus, our new Executive Desk Range

Arqus Exexutive Desk in Black Ash Natural Wood Veneer supported on a large credenza pedestal with cupboards and drawers


20th September 2023

Sustainable Acoustic Office Screens

Acoustic free standing office partition screens made from recycled sustainable PET felt in attractive art-work designs.

Getting the acoustics right in the office is fundamental. Open plan spaces can be noisy and distracting so we’re constantly looking for practical ways of dampening it down.  Narbutas have released their new range of Acoustic Artwork Screens, made from PET felt (recycled material) and produced in an array of attractive designs and colours. These add a further dimension to the already extensive range of acoustic furniture we offer.    

View all previously featured products.













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