Acoustic Artwork PET Felt Office Partitions

Designer styled structurally patterned Acoustic Partition Screens made from sustainable PET felt by Narbutas shown dividing open plan office space.

Most open plan offices need to be zoned to create specific individual work and functional spaces, and also need to be fitted with sound reducing furnishings and materials to minimise ambient and direct noise.

Acoustic screens address both issues, however they can make an office look very uniform and similar to every other.

The new Acoustic Artwork Partition from Narbutas takes acoustic screens to a new level with the addition of attractive patterned designs – giving a much more appealing and bespoke appearance to your office. With a choice of patterns and colours, these free-standing partitions are made from PET felt, a material that looks and feels very similar to wool but which is in fact made mainly from recycled plastic and has excellent sound absorbing properties.

A selection of PET Felt recycled acoustic partition screens with perforated patterns seen in 6 different designs and 6 colours

Acoustic patterned partitions, cloud ceiling pendants and acoustic wall tiles all composed of sustainable PET felt


The partitions are complemented by a selection of wall tiles and ceiling pendants made from the same material which contribute further towards a hushed office environment.

Ceiling Pendants made from PET felt creating design and acoustic sound reduction in meeting room

Acoustic Wall Tiles in 2-tone grey and beige covering entire wall within an office reception and waiting area


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