Octopus FortyA bench desk shown here with 4 positions in white with pale blue plexiglass screens Octopus FortyA single desk in white with lime green plexiglass modesty panel FortyA is an elegant, versatile and economical desk system, offering a range of worktop sizes in single workstation or bench-style formats using shared framework. From the same range but with different styled leg and frame profiles you might wish to also view the FortyO and Forty4.  Standard options are detailed below, with bespoke sizes, colours and finishes available to order.

Rectangular Desks

Rectangular workstations are available as single desk units or bench-style clusters with shared legs and framework, all in any of the following worktop sizes:

Height: 74cm
Depth:  70cm and 80cm
Width:  120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm

Crescent Desks

Crescent desks (or corner desks) are available as stand-alone workstations with the return edge positioned either on the left or the right-hand side. The return edge can be extended to a 2m length with the addition of a suspended return. Combinations of left and right-handed crescent desks can be placed together to create a variety of different shaped clusters. Available sizes as follows:

Height: 74cm
Width: 140cm, 160cm and 180cm
Depth: 120cm (can be extended to 200cm with suspended return)

Cable Management

Each worktop is available with choice of a rectangular cable aperture with a metal hinged lid positioned centrally, left or right, or a simple semi-circular shape cut out at the rear of the desk. Or if you choose, none at all. On the underside of the desk various cable tray options are available.

Desk Screens and Modesty Panels

Choose from the range of FortyA specific plexiglass or fabric covered screens to add a dash of colour and privacy.


Desk Shapes

Standard MFC Worktop Colours
Whitened Oak novawktop2 novawktop3 novawktop4 novawktop5 novawktop6
Whitened Oak White Birch Beech Light Grey Walnut
Metal Frame Colours
White Metallic Dark Grey