Octopus Cantilever Desk

Cantilever type desk with walnut top and modesty panel and white metal framed legs.  Matching storage cupboards and shelving in background with white and walnut wood combinations A cluster of 4 crescent shaped cantilever desks with white tops and white desk-height pedestals, metallic legs and light grey worktop divider screensThe Octopus Cantilever and PanelEnd desks are the lowest cost of our economically priced desk ranges. Made in a new purpose built office furniture production plant the EU, this is a well built and sturdy budget priced metal legged cantilever style desk, available in a range of worktop sizes and shapes.  The modesty panel, which is a fundamental structural element of this type of desk, is made of 25mm thick board which gives it substantially more stability than most others which typically use thinner board. It is available in a range of standard MFC colours and two options of leg colours. Standard options are detailed below, with bespoke sizes, colours and finishes available to order.

Rectangular Desks

Rectangular workstations are available as single desk units in any of the following worktop sizes:

Height: 72cm
Depth:  80cm
Width:  80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm

Height: 72cm
Depth:  60cm
Width:  80cm, 100cm, 120cm

Wave Desks

Wave desks, which have one side longer than the other, are available as single desk units in any of the following worktop sizes:

Height: 72cm
Depth: 80cm one side, 100cm the other side
Width: 120cm, 140cm and 160cm

Crescent Desks

Crescent desks (or corner desks) are available as stand-alone workstations with the return edge positioned either on the left or the right-hand side. The return edge can be extended to a 2.4m length with the addition of a supplementary free-standing return. Combinations of left and right-handed crescent desks can be placed together to create a variety of different shaped clusters. Available sizes as follows:

Height: 72cm
Width: 140cm, 160cm and 180cm
Depth: 120cm (can be extended up to 240cm with supplementary free-standing return desk)

Cable Management

Each worktop is supplied as standard with two circular 80mm diameter ports (one on the left and one on the right) together with corresponding semi-circular apertures in the upper part of the modesty panel to allow easy threading of cables from the front to rear of desk. On the underside of the desk various cable tray options are available.

Desk Screens

Fabric covered privacy screens which attach to the side and rear-edges of the desk are available in a variety of standard colours.


Desk Shapes

Standard MFC Worktop Colours
Whitened Oak novawktop2 novawktop3 novawktop4 novawktop5 novawktop6
Whitened Oak White Birch Beech Light Grey Walnut
Metal Frame Colours
White Metallic