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25th August 2023 

Workstations that facilitate high concentration working in open plan offices

The open plan office is great for collaborative work but not for solitary tasks that require high levels of concentration and focus.  Workstations from Narbutas that combine tall storage with desking provide acoustic and visual privacy create extremely effective personal workspaces at a surprisingly low cost. These can be configured in numerous ways to create more enclosed or more open personal workspaces dependent your needs.

Bank of Office workstations with integrated tall personal storage offering visual and acoustic privacy for high concentration focussed work offering immense value at less than £1,000 per position. From Octopus Interiors London


10th April 2023.

Makeover with New Carpet Tiles Encouraging Return to Office Working

Refreshing the appearance and appeal of the workplace with new carpet tiles to encourage workers back to the office.

Companies throughout the UK are struggling to rebalance the Home-Working to Office-Working dilemma. With many workers now preferring to work from home and many businesses with under-utilised offices on long leases, there is a growing trend towards making the offices more appealing  places to be in order to encourage staff away from their homes.  This has lead to an upturn in simple office makeovers by, amongst other things, fitting new carpet tiles with more appealing designs adn/or less formal appearances.


16th March 2023.

New Mobile WorkStation for Flexible Workspaces

Mobile workstation on castors for flexible office working. All-in-one Desk, storage, privacy screen, room divider, media wall, ambient room noise reduction

The all new Mobile WorkStation for the ultimate in creating flexible open-plan office space. This unit offers an all-in-one desk, bookcase, cupboards, room division, visual privacy, improved acoustics and media wall, whiteboard – all on castors so that it can be instantly relocated to make way for a different office layout.


3rd March 2023

All New Carpet Tile with Carbon Negative Yarn

Burmatex carpet Tile with carbon negative yarn

Introducing Arctic, the all new carbon neutral range of carpet tiles from Burmatex. Arctic is ground breaking, being made from the world’s very first carbon negative recycled yarn. Combined with a unique recycled backing, the completed product is carbon neutral.

Arctic is a heavy contract tile suitable for commercial use and is available in 12 colourways from Octopus Interiors.

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February 2023

Flip Top Multi-Purpose Mobile Tables & Desks

Today, Flexible and Adaptable Office Space is a necessity for most businesses in London. Fixed use space is fast disappearing and giving way to a more dynamic office which allows businesses to economise on expensive floor area but still be able to hold appropriately sized meetings and conferences when required, and to convert to other uses at other times. Our Modular Flip-Top Folding Tables are just the ticket for addressing these needs.

January 2023

Acoustic Rooms

A large Demountable Acoustic Meeting Pod with glass frontage and door and fabric covered acoustic paneling internally

Our Meeting Pods are an excellent way to create additional informal meeting and quiet work space within your office on a very small footprint – and on a relatively small budget.  Furthermore, they can be relocated during office re-configurations, taken with you when you move to a new office, don’t require building control approval or dilapidation costs as you would if you were to create meeting/office space with floor to ceiling partitioning and don’t require additions or changes to your air conditioning system. Your team members can hold meetings with colleagues and visiting clients or simply get some focused quiet time away from the bustle of the office within these acoustic pods.  Our range includes a number of different sizes from small telephone box size to those that will seat 6 people.


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