Balance Grade Carpet Tiles

Balance Grade Carpet Tiles installed in commercial spaces in London

Balance Grade is part of a family of structured Solution Dyed Nylon Multi-Level Loop carpet tiles that will endure the heavy demands of a busy office environment whilst creating a ‘wow-factor’ that sets a special feel and look. A shift away from bland and stark looks that create a negative attitude towards office work, to a pleasant and easier appearance that will give your office a more comfortable feel and help to encourage staff back to the workplace.

Balance Grade also looks good when combined with other tiles from the Burmatex range.

Solution Dyed Nylon

Balance Grade works well with Balance Grid and Balance Ground, all of which use the latest Solution Dyed Nylon yarn and are manufactured to classification type Class 33 Heavy Commercial. That means they are suitable for use in areas of heavy foot traffic such as main walkways, corridors and lift lobbies, and busy general office areas, particularly where desk chairs on castors are used.

Measuring and Fitting
We don’t just supply the carpet tiles but also measure your space, help you make the right choice, suggest layout and pattern designs and of course we will fit them too.

Structured patterned carpet tiles for heavy contract use in offices, hospitality and serviced workspaces

Balance Grade has a selection of 12 different colourways

Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Steel Tower. Steel Tower
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Warm Frost Warm Frost
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Concrete Lead Concrete Lead
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Granite Vapour Granite Vapour
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway City Clay City Clay


Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Skylight Beam Skylight Beam
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Harbour View Harbour View
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Urban Nickel Urban Nickel
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. River Dew River Dew
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Sage Vista Sage Vista


Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Twilight Dawn Twilight Dawn
Balance Grade Multi-Level Loop Carpet Tile. Colourway Navy Shore Navy Shore

Having Trouble Getting Staff Back to the Office?

Has your landlord just let an office to you complete with cheap, plain and boring carpet tiles just for the sake of doing the absolute minimum to make it barely respectable? It’s just so annoying isn’t it? The chances are that they’re the lowest cost, lowest quality polypropylene tiles available, and if that’s the case they’re going to continue to look new(ish) for a few more months longer before losing their form and look shoddy and tired.

The key today, post covid, is having an office that doesn’t feel like an office. That’s right!  A quality carpet with an interesting pattern and colour will transform a workspace – more so than any other aspect of decor or furnishing – so if you want to make a change but the budget doesn’t extend too far, it’s well worth investing a little here rather than elsewhere.  Over the past couple of years office workers have become used to the comforts of home and many will need quite a lot of persuasion to get them into the mindset of returning to the office on a regular basis. A sure way to dissuade them is if the office on offer is bland, or unwelcoming, perhaps a bit tired or simply too traditionally ‘office-like’ or formal.  Getting a right balance between ‘work-like’ and informal is difficult but making it more comfortable and allowing your staff to feel more relaxed by providing a less formal environment is a good starting point.

This can be achieved by giving the office a really homely feel – if you feel it’s appropriate for your particular business – and this can be done partly with some of the exciting new designs of carpeting and LVT flooring which have come about specifically to address this need, or alternatively, with any one of a wide range of carpet tile designs we offer that can be arranged to give the office an extra appeal.

Multi-level loop – what is it?

Carpet tiles are made by looping yarn and attaching (gluing) it to a backing pad. Typically, the loops are all the same height and if a pattern is required,  2 or more colours of yarn are used within the same tile. However another dimension to patterning can be achieved by varying the heights of the individual loops and this is what is known as Multi-Level Loop. The resulting effect is a ‘structured pattern’ which becomes visible as light reflects differently over the surface of the carpet tile.  Some multi-level loop tiles are created with a single colour of yarn, and others can have a combination of  different colours and a structured pattern.

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