Tilt-n-Turn Office Carpet Tile Range

Tilt-n-Turn carpet tiles from Burmatex. Random pattern combination of dark and light Greys and Greens fitted in an office environment

Tilt-n-Turn is one of a substantial range of British designed and British made heavy contract carpet tiles supplied and fitted by Octopus Interiors in London and the South East of England. With a pile weight of 770gsm this tile is one of the denser and more robust heavy contract carpet tiles, designed for laying in areas of medium to high traffic or use.

Tilt-n-Turn Heavy Contract Carpet Tiles used in heavy traffic walk-through areas in office

Through a structured multi-level loop pattern within the yarn, this carpet tile gives differing appearances as it catches and reflects the light sources which create shadows and lines. Composed of 100% Solution Dyed Nylon with a yarn weight of 770gsm, its aesthetics and durability combine neatly making this an ideal choice for the busy office environment.

Tilt-n-Turn carpet tiles are available from us in 12 colourways which can be mixed to create some fabulous design patterns.   They can also  work well if mixed in with, or bordering with some of our other ranges, such as Alaska and Origin.

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The Tilt-n-Turn Colour Selection

Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Silver Pitch Sliver Pitch
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Zinc Facet Zinc Facet
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Grey Horizon Grey Horizon
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Gold Patina Gold Patina
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Light Angle Light Angle


Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Sky Tint Sky Tint
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Blue Facade Blue Facade
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Coal Layer Coal Layer
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Clay Screen Clay Screen
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Metal Edge Metal Edge


Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Space Green Green Space
Tilt-n-Turn Carpet Tile - Colorway shade Ash Profile Ash Profile

Why Carpet Tiles rather than Vinyl might be the better choice for your office?

Tiltnturn carpet tile design with green and mid grey shades fitted within an office boardroomYou are likely to need some sort of covering for your office floor. Very occasionally, circumstance allows for an extremely industrial look, such as a bare concrete slab or perhaps traditional wooden floorboards, but more often than not your office will have a screeded sub-floor, or more typically a raised access panelled floor. Good quality heavy contract LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) can look fantastic and last for yonks, but not only is the cost of these generally considerably more than a typical carpet tile, the cost of fitting vinyl can be exponentially higher. This is because the floor surface will usually have to be levelled (smoothed), and there are potentially other additional processes not usually necessary for carpet tiles.  Furthermore, you will also need to consider the cost removing them and putting everything back to how it was when the landlord handed over the office suite to you in order to comply with the dilapidations clause in the lease – which can amount to as much as – and sometimes more than – the cost of fitting the flooring in the first place!  See our article on the high cost of dilapidations.

With the typical office lease in the range of 5 years, a quality heavy contract carpet tile – as long as it is maintained adequately  – is not only going to look great but is most likely to cost you substantially less than a glue-down vinyl covering.

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