Burmatex Vibe Polyamide Carpet Tile

'Vibe' carpet tile range for offices, manufactured in the UK by Burmatex.

Vibe is a modern, stylish multi-level loop heavy contract Polyamide carpet tile range, supplied and fitted in London and the South East by Octopus Interiors and produced in England by British manufacturer Burmatex.  Vibe offers a selection of 12 different patterned colourways,  each with an additional pattern dimension created by a varied pile height running through each tile (thus  creating a textured pattern in addition to a colour pattern).
Vibe, a stylish high quality heavy contract commercial tile with random semi-linear pattern fitted in hotel lounge

Vibe is 100% solution dyed Nylon 6 (polyamide-PA) with a pile yarn weight of 774 grammes per square metre, meaning that this is an excellent carpet tile for commercial environments such as offices and internal public spaces where the combination of elegance, robustness and colour fastness is of the essence.

Vibe is an attractively priced carpet tile, suitable for corporate and SME offices alike. Octopus Interiors is a flooring contractor that works directly for you, the office lease tenant or landlord. We provide a complete service solution encompassing floor measuring, advice, layout designs, supply and fitting of this and the other Burmatex carpet tile ranges.  We cover most of the south east of England including Greater London, West Sussex & Surrey.

Other Burmatex Tile Ranges

The Vibe Colourways

Office Carpet Tile Heavy Contract Type with Structured Loop Pilesilk white
Burmatex Vibe Commercial Carpet Tile Solution Dyed Nylon silver pearl
Heavy Contract Polyamide carpet tile after dark
Burmatex Vibe 31904 carpet tile for officescrushed cord
Vibe 100% solution dyed nylon 6 carpet tileliquorice lace


Vibe Grey Linen Patterned office carpet tile grey linen
Office Carpet Tile with multilevel loop pile and dyed patternblue velvet
Cotton Canvas grey patterned carpet tile Londoncotton canvass
Heavy Duty commercial carpet tiles for offices and public spacessatin sapphire
Carpet tile manufactured in Britaingolden slice


British heavy contract nylon 6 carpet tiles minty mesh
Random linear patterned carpet tile for commercial spacesdeep pistachio

What is Polyamide, and what’s its purpose in Carpets & Carpet Tiles?

Polyamide is simply another name for Nylon. It’s widely used by the major manufacturers of carpet tiles  as the key material for heavy duty yarn, but that’s heavy duty in terms of wear resistance and in no way compromises appearance.  Beautiful designs and colours can be created with Polyamide.

Of course, like everything else we see and use day to day, there are different qualities and standards realised from products made from the same material and carpet tiles made from Polyamide are no exception, but by enlarge, if your office carpets are made from Polyamide (Nylon) yarn, they will be harder wearing and will look newer for longer than a similar tile made from, for example, Polypropylene. Polypropylene is a tremendously robust material from which billions of products are made, but it simply doesn’t perform as well as Nylon when it comes to carpet tiles.  The main reason for this is that Polypropylene is very strong, but once bent, it loses its form whereas nylon is more resilient in this respect. What this means when we consider carpets is that when you constantly walk on or roll your wheeled office chair back and forth over a Polypropylene carpet, it will flatten and ultimately not be able to spring back to its original upright position. In contrast, nylon is more resilient and will last longer under these conditions.  So it will look newer and better for longer.

So, most low cost carpet tiles are made with Polypropylene yarn and the more expensive ones with Polyamide Nylon.   If you want to be sure that you’re making the right long term decision for your office – now you know what to choose!

But there are exceptions where Polypropylene can be utilised into a very hardwearing product, but this is there a different manufacturing process is used and where the pile is thicker and much coarser. Put simply, it just won’t look so good, but it will be hard wearing!  Uses of this would include entrance carpeting and matting (the door mat equivalent for an office) or flooring for schools and public spaces, all of which we at Octopus can offer you advice on.

Finally, but not such a minor issue any more, Nylon is more easily recyclable than Polypropylene!  A number of our products are already made from recycled nylon from discarded items such as fishing nets (a very major source as it happens) and our manufacturers are now actively engaging in schemes to collect and recycle old carpet tiles in order to recover the nylon for regeneration back into new carpeting.

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