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Octopus Interiors carpet fitter laying carpet tiles in an office in Pall Mall

Interface Composure carpet tiles fitted by Octopus in Pall Mall office

We supply and fit Office Carpet Tiles throughout London. We provide the complete range of  carpet tiles from the world leader and environment considerate manufacturer Interface,  as well as a broad selection from other major and boutique brands.

Our prices are exceptionally competitive.

From our extensive range of designs, colours and compositions we hope to have something to suit the budget and requirements of all businesses with offices in London, big and small.

Take a look at our Interface Carpet Tile Selection.

Don’t worry if your office is full of desks, cupboards and everything else a typical occupied and operational London office has. We’ll come in at weekends to lift and shift furniture, remove the old carpet tiles and fit the new ones in time for business as usual on Monday morning. We’re used to it!

How we can help:  When meeting us for the first time, most of our customers don’t know quite what they want, what’s best for them and how much it’s all going to cost. It matters to us that we offer the very best solution; the right look, the right quality and the right price. So, we’ll spend as much time as is necessary to help you make these decisions. We’ll measure your office, show you samples and visit the showroom with you so that you can see and feel the different designs and textures of carpet tile on offer. We will tell you how much it will cost to carpet your office in each type so that you can make an informed decision. For larger areas and prestigious installations, the creative team can design a layout of different patterns, tile combinations and colours to create a unique and impressive look for your office.

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We supply and fit Interface Carpet Tiles.

Which one is for you?: What type of carpet best suits your needs and budget depends on many factors. We will be very pleased to meet with you and discuss the options, but it is perhaps worth noting that appearances can be deceptive and two seemingly similar carpets may be very different in terms of quality, colour fastness, resistance to tread and chair castor wear and many other aspects besides. How well they stand up to these factors depends on what material the yarn is made of (typically polyamide or polypropylene), the quality of the yarn, the type and method of colour dying, thickness, height and density of the pile, and of course the quality of the manufacturing process. Budget carpets might look fine when they are newly laid, but will usually wear quickly in a typical office environment, so it is worth spending a little time exploring and understanding the options to ensure that you are spending your money wisely because the difference in price between a budget tile that retains its appearance and form for only a year or two and a good value heavy contract tile that might last 10 years may be as little as £2 or £3 a square metre.

Cost is not necessarily directly linked to durability, so choosing the right carpet tile for the application is important. A high cost luxury carpet might be well suited to the boardroom where impressions count and where there is relatively little use, but the same carpet in the main office where there is heavy foot traffic and use of chairs on castors might not last anything like as long as a relatively low cost heavy contract tile that is more suited for the purpose.

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