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Burmatex Alaska Office Carpet Tiles

Heavy Contract Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet Tiles made in Britain

Heavy Contract Carpet Tile – What is it?

Wonderful designs and patterns aside,  office floor coverings need to be, above all, hardwearing and easy to maintain.  No matter where in the office carpet tiles are laid – even in less used areas such as boardrooms and executive suites – its going to be difficult to keep a light to medium rated tile looking good for long. Why?  well there are a number of factors to consider:-

When choosing new carpet tiles (and even LVT vinyl) for your office, its useful to be aware of the fact that the manufacturers give them different industry ratings dependent on how well they are expected to perform (how long they’ll last or stay looking good) in different settings. These ratings include light, medium and heavy domestic/residential and light medium and heavy commercial/industrial.  But don’t confuse commercial and domestic ratings as being the same thing because they might not be. A heavy domestic might only have the same rating as a light or medium commercial rating, so you won’t want to put that in your office!  Furthermore, the ratings put on the products are decided by the individual manufacturers  – which they can do as long as theirs comply with a set of minimum industry standards. In short, it means that not all heavy contract commercial tiles, for example, are equal, and some are harder wearing, more colourfast and will retain their appearance for a lot longer than others. So what are these considerations?

Firstly, we need to emphasise that anything less than a Heavy Contract Commercial rating is highly unlikely to perform well in an office.

Colour Fastness:  If you want the best chance of keeping your carpet looking as good as it did on the day it was laid for as long as possible – years rather than months – then the way to go is to make sure it is constructed of Solution Dyed yarn.  Yarn is created by spinning dozens of fibers together. In the solution dying process, it is the fibers that are

Alaska is a hard-wearing carpet tile providing a highly robust yet extremely elegant design with vibrant colours and design patterns for the modern office.  Alaska was designed by Burmatex and is manufactured inhouse at their production site in Yorkshire, UK.
This is a heavy contract 100% Solution Dyed Aquafil Econyl® Nylon product, with a heavy pile weight of 800 grammes per square metre, meaning that it will stand up extremely well within a busy office environment whilst providing a luxurious appearance.  

This is one of many Burmatex and other carpet tile ranges supplied and fitted by Octopus Interiors into offices throughout London and the Home Counties. Octopus fit these tiles to raised access and screeded flooring using F Ball Styccobond F41 Carpet Tackifier.

Alaska is available in 12 colourways of regular 50cm by 50cm tiles.

The Alaska Colourways

Office Carpet Tile, Alaska shade Ice Ice
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Ridge Ridge
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Point Point
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade North North
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Moose Moose


Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Anchor Anchor
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Creek Creek
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Lake Lake
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Husky Husky
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Wolf Wolf


Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Spruce Spruce
Office Carpet Tile - Alaska - Shade Valley Valley

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