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Hello, we’ve been delivering fabulous office furniture solutions to businesses in London for the past 21 years. Our customers have always been very pleased with us. We’re very sure you will be too!


Why buy from us?

Our office furniture products are superb & our prices are exceptionally competitive – usually unbeatable. We are here to serve companies in London who need a package of exceptional products to furnish their offices and expect to pay only a low to moderate price. We are not an online shop.  We’re a face-to-face business, on hand to meet you & discuss your requirements.  We will measure your office & provide space planning, advise you on the ins and outs of office furniture and take you to the showroom so you can see it, touch it, sit in it and admire it before you commit to buying!  

Here are links to our range of products. Please have a good browse – there’s lots to see. We’d be really delighted to hear from you, so do please give us a call on 020 7367 0800 or alternatively send an e-mail to








We think we’ve got it just right.  High prices don’t always mean better quality, nor does low cost necessarily mean cheap or poorly made.  There are still those who have a need for the top-end designer ranges and are prepared to pay the price, but the majority of large and small companies alike appreciate the exceptional value-for-money that our products offer. Without compromising on any aspect of design, range or quality our office furniture can be, and usually is, considerably lower in cost than equivalent products from other suppliers.

The quality is high, the design is both practical and attractive and our manufacturers have provenance demonstrating ethical policies and sustainable practices with the consistent ability to deliver on time.

Knowing exactly how it will look in your office before you buy.

An extremely important aspect of our service is personalisation. You probably don’t want your office to look exactly the same as everyone else’s and although desk and chair designs are generally very similar, there are lots of different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes to help achieve the personalisation you’re after.  My name is Crispin Maby and I’m the owner of Octopus Interiors. Having been in the office furniture business for well over 20 years I consider myself to be quite an expert. I have a lot of very useful knowledge and advice to share with my customers to help them make informed decisions, but alas I am a typical bloke with very limited design flair and I struggle greatly when asked to help choose colour schemes!  But not to worry, because we have a superb CAD programme that allows us to create almost life-like images of the furniture we offer, and we can show you these either as individual items or complete floor layouts. If you don’t like the colours we can change these in a flash until we’ve got it exactly to your liking.

To demonstrate what we can do for you and how close our computer generated images are to the real thing, I’ve shown below a photo-realistic 3D image I created at the planning stage next to a photograph taken immediately after the actual installation.  Being a firm believer in demonstrating our belief in the products we are selling by using them ourselves, I recently had the opportunity to furnish my home office study with our latest range and this was the result.  I think you’ll agree that the computer generated image is a very close representation, and if anything, I have to say that the accuracy of some of the colours on the photo-realistic image are closer to the real thing than the photograph – which I took on my Samsung Galaxy phone.

CAD produced Photo Realistic Image of Octopus Home Office Furniture Installation

CAD produced Photo Realistic Image

Photograph of Octopus Home Office Furniture Installation

Photograph of Actual Furniture Installation

About our Manufacturers

We partner with a small select group of British and European furniture manufacturers.  We work directly with them as a main accredited dealer.

By far the most important factor we looked for from our manufacturers was reliability  –  their proven ability to deliver to us on-time precisely what we ordered with no damage, no missing items and made to exacting standards –  week in, week out.  It’s very important to us, it’s very important to you and our reputation depends on it. A late delivery, or the inability to complete an installation because of missing components or damaged goods could make the difference between you being able to run your business effectively or not.

Our main supplier operates from a  38,000 square metre state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and produces tens of thousands of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture items every year.  Not only is the range on offer very extensive with hundreds of different sizes, colours, finishes and designs, but production is exceptionally efficient with generally short and reliable turnarounds.

Factors to consider before purchasing office furniture

How we got to where we are today

Our business started from a small office in Maddox Street, London Mayfair in 2002 as an Office Furniture supplier. At that time, we didn’t do all the fitout & refurbishment stuff we do today. We simply supplied and installed a limited range of desks from a single manufacturer, Techo, who were themselves only just starting out in the UK – and that was it!  Good as it was, our customers wanted more choice so we gradually extended our ranges to include products from other manufacturers and today, even though we do lots of other office fitout things, office furniture remains the core of our business.  We now offer a wide range of mainly economically priced yet modern, stylish & quality made desks, chairs, tables and associated items to suit the needs and budgets of the majority of businesses in London.

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