Jazz Silent Space Acoustic Box

Room shot of Jazz Silent Space Acoustic Meeting Box

Jazz Silent Space is quite simply a superbly neat solution for creating private meeting areas and quiet working spaces within an open plan office. With high performance sound absorbing acoustic screens, co-workers can benefit from visual privacy and sound reduction from the general office whilst engaged in collaborative and high concentration work.

Compared with the cost of building permanent meeting rooms & the cost of dilapidations to remove them again at the end of your lease,  and considering the relative space inflexibility of these permanent structures,  Jazz  needs very little justification.  With minimal outlay and minimal demand on space it is an exceedingly useful addition to the permanent meeting room.  Create multiple flexible & easily re-locatable meeting and quiet working zones within your open plan space, all at a hugely lower cost than building partition walls. And, of course, you can take them with you when you move to your next office!


Close up detail of profile of Jazz Acoustic screen
because unlike similar systems, the walls are not cobbled together with a selection of standard acoustic screens. Instead it was thoughtfully designed to serve a specific purpose, with both elegance and functionality in mind, by top Danish designers Christina Strand and Niels Hvass.  The wall thickness tapers from 10.5cm at the bottom to 4.5cm at the top, giving it the look that was intended – designed for the purpose.  Internally, all walls are vertical. Externally, the walls taper inwards very slightly from bottom to top giving a slightly pyramidal appearance.





Easy decision making.

Easy because there are just 2 sizes to choose from and a handful of options as to what you put inside it!

Jazz Silent Space acoustic meeting box shown empty Empty Box
Jazz Silent Space acoustic meeting box with seating Box with Seating
Jazz Silent Space acoustic meeting box with seating and table Box with Seating and Table


Jazz Silent Space acoustic meeting small box shown empty Half Box Empty
Jazz Silent Space acoustic meeting small box with seating Half Box with Seating


How to best make use of it

Use it as you wish –  as empty box and furnish it with your existing meeting chairs and tables, or kit it out with the soft seating, table and media wall mountings and power that are designed specifically for the system and which will fit perfectly.

4 different uses of Jazz Silent Box


Illustration showing dimensions of Jazz silent box

Illustration showing dimensions of Jazz Acoustic Silent Box


Jazz Acoustic Meeting Box with single seat and table

Room shot of a number of Jazz acoustic meeting spaces

Jazz acoustic meeting box in two tone blue fabric

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