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Silent Room Acoustic Pod

SIlent Room acoustic pod large and medium sizes upholstered internally and externally

Open plan offices can be noisy places with little or no privacy. In the workplace people often need quiet spaces for meetings, telephone and video calls, or simply time away from distractions so that they can concentrate on demanding tasks.

SILENT ROOM addresses these needs by providing an enclosed free-standing room which has excellent acoustic properties. Within your open-plan office space, create multiple ‘rooms within a room’ with any combination of the small, medium or large sized Silent Room acoustic booths.

Cost Justification

With integrated power, lighting and ventilation, and occupying only a very economical floor footprint, these booths are more cost effective than permanent, inflexible partitioned meeting rooms. Furthermore, they can create a far more appealing & comfortable environment for staff to work.

SILENT ROOM is available in 3 different sizes, from the small standing-only ‘telephone booth’ style to the large room which will comfortably seat 4 people.


Silent Room acoustic booth small size with standing-only space Small
Silent Room acoustic booth finished in wood externally and fabric panels internally Medium
Silent Room acoustic meeting pod. Large


General Overview

All three sizes of pod are fully enclosed units with a floor, ceiling and door. A ceiling mounted ventiltion fan and lighting are standard fittings.  The front of the unit is fully glazed with a glazed door, and the rear and sides are solid, with the option of option of full height glass panels at the rear. Externally, they can be finished in wood or solid colour melomine, or a fabric.  Internally the walls are lined with upholstered acoustic panelling.  Options include media wall with TV monitor mountings and power, a table and seating.

Lighting and Ventilation

Schematic showing lighting and ventilation control for silent room acoustic pods

Silent Room is equipped with a ventilation fan and ceiling lighting. On maximum power setting, the fan will provide a complete air refresh cycle every 3 minutes. Both the fan and the lights are switched on an off automatically via sensors, the timing of which may be adjusted by the user to stay on for longer or shorter times when unoccupied.

Large acoustic pod featurng in-built table and media wall and freestanding high chairs Medium sized acoustic room fitted with cushioned bench seating and table Telephone booth sized aoustic pod


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