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Glide-Tec. The Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair

Meeting Room & Boardroom Tables

For the meeting and breakout areas to the boardroom, we offer a wide selection of tables and chairs of all different shapes, sizes, styles and budgets.

Our range includes a good selection of entry-level lower cost tables & chairs as well as a number of more exclusive glass and natural wood veneer designs. Our made-to-order ranges allow you to select a size, shape and wood finish of your choice producing some beautiful results.

eRange Boardroom Table

Bespoke Wood Veneer Boardroom Tables

Our bespoke range of boardroom tables are made in the UK and are very competitively priced indeed. Based on a substantial 38mm thick wood-veneered table top with solid timber edging, these tables can be made to a size, shape and specification of your choice from a wide variety of natural wood veneers. Here are a few examples of tables of different shapes and different leg styles in a variety of single and multiple veneer designs, but they can be made in any combination of shape, size, wood veneer finish and leg or base profile. Typically these are around 120cm wide and any length you need from about 160cm to many metres long.

Oracle-Slab-Base_Glass-Inlay_Walnut.Rectangular Boardroom Table. Slab Base. Walnut Veneer. Illuminated Panel
Oracle_Slab-Base_Walnut-with-Special-InlaysRectangular Boardroom Table. Slab Base. Walnut. Special Inlays
Oracle_Square-Base_Walnut Rectangular Boardroom Table. Square Base. Wenge Veneer
Oracle_5_260pxDual-curved Boardroom Table. Cylindrical Bases.Cross-Banded Maple
Oracle_4_260pxBarrel Shaped Boardroom Table. Arrowhead Bases. Oak & English Pippy Oak Inlay
Oracle_3_260pxBarrel Shaped Boardroom Table. Trefoil Bases. Oak & English Pippy Oak Inlay
Oracle_6_260pxOval Boardroom Table. Conical Wooden Bases. Dual Walnut & Maple Veneers
Oracle_7_260pxRounded-end Boardroom Table. Cylindrical Wooden Bases. Swiss Pear & Maple Veneers
Oracle_1_260pxBarrel Shaped Boardroom Table. Aerofoil Wooden Bases. Maple & Walnut Veneers
Oracle_8_260pxRectangular Boardroom Table. Polished Chromed Bases
Oracle_9_260pxRectangular Boardroom Table. Conical Wooden Bases
Oracle_10_260pxRectangular Boardroom Table. Cylindrical Wooden Bases
Oracle-AV-2_390pxAudio Visual Conferencing Table in Maple with Madrona inlays. TV on powered monitor lift concealed within base
Oracle-AV-1_390pxVideo Conferencing Table in Maple with Madrona inlays. TV on powered monitor lift concealed within base
Bespoke-Large-Table Boardroom Table in Maple with Walnut Inlays and Aerofoil style bases

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