FORTY4 Desking System

Forty4 6 position bench desks with rear and side screens

FORTY4 is a versatile and economical desk system, offering a range of worktop sizes in single workstation or bench-style formats using shared framework. From the same range but with different styled leg and frame profiles you might wish to also view the FortyA and FortyO.  Standard options are detailed below, with bespoke sizes, colours and finishes available to order.

FORTY4 is also available with optional sliding worktops (to facilitate access to cable management) and height adustable legs.

Rectangular Desks

Forty 4 bench desking system with desk end fabric backed storage boxes
Forty4 bench desk with 4 positions separated by metal framed fabric covered screens sides and back

Rectangular workstations are available as single desk units or bench-style clusters with shared legs and framework, all in any of the following worktop sizes:
Height: 74cm
Depth:  70cm and 80cm
Width:  120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm

Crescent Desks

Cluster of 4 crescent shaped 1600mm by 1200mm desks with tower storage extended ends
Our Crescent Desks (otherwise known as corner desks) are stand-alone workstations with the return edge positioned either on the left or the right-hand side. Desk height pedestals positioned at the ends of the desks will increase the usable worktop space considerably whilst also providing additional storage, or tall tower-end storage units may be used as seen in the image to the right.  Combinations of  crescent desks can be placed together to create a variety of different shaped work group clusters. Available sizes as follows:

Height: 74cm
Width: 140cm, 160cm and 180cm
Depth: 120cm (can be extended to 200cm with suspended return)

120˚ Desks

120 degree clover leaf shaped pod of 3 desks separated by plexiglass screensWhat do we mean by 120˚ desks?  These are desks shaped such so that the outer angle of the two rear edges are set at 120 degrees, meaning that three desks placed back to back form a complete circle or pod of 360˚.  These do not lend themselves at all to be used as individual stand-alone desks as the shape is too irregular and inefficient, but grouped as pods of 3 workstations they provide an excellent workgroup formation with bags of usable and ergonomic desk space for each user. Our desks are supplied as a complete unit of three desks sharing leg and frame components.

For these to work well in your office, you need to have plenty of space as they are not as efficient in utilising floor area as rectangular desks, but if you do have the space and you’re after an open &  flowing layout with generous desk space for each user, then these are very much worthy of consideration. Space planning is an absolute must though because it’s otherwise very difficult to visualize or accurately assess whether everything will fit, so we would be happy to provide this in order to help you weigh up the feasibility.  We can quickly draw up some 3D models, like the one immediately below, to show you theoretical layouts and how the desks will look in different colours and finishes.

A large cluster of 120 degree desks with 18 positions

Height Adjustable Desks

Close up detail of bolt adjustment for Forty4 manual height adjustable desk legForty4 manually height adjustable rectangular desk

Modern office desking throughout Europe tends to be around 74cm high and ours are no exception. All well and good but it doesn’t work for everyone, particularly for smaller people who may need a lower height desktop in order to achieve their optimal working position. The same, incidentally, applies to taller people who might need a higher working position. The higher cost solution to this is our range of electrically operated Sit and Stand desks but Forty4 also provides an answer in the form of a manually adjustable leg version for single (stand-alone) rectangular desks. A bolt on each leg allows a height adjustment of between 62cm and 85cm. Important note: These desks are for adjusting sitting heights only (they are not Sit-Stand desks) and the adjustment requires tools so it is intended for a long-term setting for a particular desk-user’s needs.


Cable Management

Keeping power and data cables untangled, tidy and accessible is a headache at the best of times, not so much with pure hot desking but most certainly in most regular desking environments.  PCs, Monitors, Printers, Mobile Devices all need power and connectivity via cables and accessibility is often key.  FORTY4 provides neat cable management solution options

Close up detail of sliding desk top and cable tray for easy cable management

Sliding Desktop & Cable Trays

As an option to certain configurations of the FORTY4 range, sliding worktops (as shown above) can be fitted which pull forwards to reveal the cable tray and power modules beneath.  When closed, cables from the desktop run through a scallop shaped recess in the rear edge of the worktop.

Our cable trays are available in a variety of different lengths, widths and types, from folded sheet metal as seen above to wire basket style.  In bench-desking applications where the desks are back-to-back, a wider ‘shared’ cable tray can be used which spans the central space between the two desks facing one another. Dependent on needs, the cable trays can run the full width of the desk, or in lighter use situations short units are fitted.

Cable Hatch
Nova Rectangular cable access trap in desk worktop in closed position Nova rectangular cable aperture hinged lid shown in open position with power and data connection block belowFor non-sliding worktops, our hinged lidded cable hatch is a tidy solution. It can work in conjunction with a cable tray beneath but doesn’t necessarily have to. Ideal for hot-desking environments and regular personal desk use alike, this allows quick and easy access to cables and power blocks within the cable tray directly beneath the desk, allowing users to connect and charge their portable devices.

Straight desk worktop with no aperturesDesktop without cable management
Desk worktop with scallop shaped cable recess cut into the rear edge Desktop with Scallop shaped recess
Desk top with rectangular cable trap with hinged metal coverDesktop with Hinged Rectangular Hatch

Desk Screens and Modesty Panels

Forty 4 twin desk with metal framed fabric covered screen Forty4 Metal Framed Fabric Screen
Forty 4 twin desk with standard fabric covered screen Forty4 Fabric Screen
Forty 4 twin desk with Yellow coloured Plexiglass screen Forty4 Plexiglass Screen
Forty 4 twin desk with acoustic screen in blue made from recycled PET material Forty4 Recycled PET Acoustic Screen
Forty 4 twin desk with acoustic screen in blue fabric Forty4 Acoustic Screen

Choose from the range of FortyA specific plexiglass or fabric covered screens to add a dash of colour and privacy.

Desk Shapes & Configurations

Forty4 solo rectangular desk Single Straight Desk


Forty4 twin in line bench desks Inline Straight Bench


Forty4 Twin back to back desks Twin Bench


Forty4 4 position multi-position bench desk Multi-Position Bench


Forty4 colver leaf shaped cluster of 3 120 degree desks 120 Degree 3 Pod


Forty 4 right handed return crescent shaped deskCrescent  Corner Desk


Standard MFC Worktop Finishes

MFC Whitened Oak Desk Finish Swatch Whitened Oak


MFC Amber Oak Desk Finish SwatchAmber Oak


MFC Sand Ash Desk Finish SwatchSand Ash


MFC White with Amber Oak edging Desk Finish SwatchWhite with Oak Edge


MFC White Finish SwatchWhite


MFC Walnut Desk Finish SwatchWalnut


MFC Grey Wood Desk Finish SwatchGrey Wood


Pearl Grey


MFC Cubanit Grey Desk Finish SwatchCubanit Grey


Dark Grey




Metal Frame and Leg Colours

Black Powder Coated paint finish for metal desk components Black


Dark Grey Powder Coated paint finish for metal desk components Dark Grey


White Powder Coated paint finish for metal desk components White


Metallic Grey Powder Coated paint finish for metal desk components Metallic



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