FortyO Office Desking

Assortment of FortyO solo and bench desks with black frames and amber oak worktops

FortyO is a system of office furniture components which combine to create a multitude Single Desk and Bench Desking configurations and layouts.  It allows you to tailor your office space specifically to meet your working needs and colour schemes.  FortyO comprises of thousands of shapes, types, sizes, colours and textues of interchangeable and matching desk, storage, screen and table components to create the perfect office….. and all with an incredibly economical price tag!

FortyO is part of our FORTY range of desking which share most of the same componentry –  the main difference being appearance due to the different leg and frame profiles.  See also FortyA and Forty4.

Rectangular Desks

Forty O bench configuration with 6 positions
FortyO solo desk with white frame, walnut worktop and plexiglass modesty panel

The system is mainly based on rectangular workstations.  These can be configured as solo desks or bench platforms which can be joined to form, within reason, any length and quantity of desk positions. The limiting factor is simply one of practicality – for example one must consider the need to move/shift furniture during office refurbishments (such as carpet tile fitting or decorating) and a bench that is too large or long will be too heavy to lift and shift.   But,  our bench desks are more economically priced (considerably so) than the solo desks and this is due wholly to the fact that fewer  metal components are needed as legs and framework is shared.  As standard the following worktop sizes are available in both solo desk and bench desking configurations:

Height: 74cm
Depth:  70cm and 80cm
Width:  120cm, 140cm, 160cm and 180cm

Crescent Desks

4 Crescent desks in a cluster with acoustic separation screens

Crescent desks, often called corner desks, were a must-have in the days of large space consuming cathode-ray-tube computer monitors but have given way to smaller space efficient rectangular desks since the introduction of flat screen monitors.  However, space permitting, they are still ideal for people who need larger work surfaces and, due to their shape, they are very ergonomic platforms to work from. These are available only as stand-alone workstations but can be placed together in clusters, as shown right, to create work pods.  Given their large size and shape, we may see these making a comeback as one possible solution to distancing workers in the office.

Available sizes:

Height: 74cm
Width: 140cm, 160cm and 180cm
Depth: 120cm (can be extended to 200cm with suspended return)

Cable Management

As shown below, FortyO worktops come factory finished with either a scallop shaped recess or a rectangular hatch, both for the purpose of feeding power and data cables from above the desktop to the floor below.   A third available option is a plain desk top without apertures of any sort.

Straight desk worktop with no aperturesDesktop without cable management
Desk worktop with scallop shaped cable recess cut into the rear edge Desktop with Scallop shaped recess
Desk top with rectangular cable trap with hinged metal coverDesktop with Hinged Rectangular Hatch


Nova Rectangular cable access trap in desk worktop in closed position Nova rectangular cable aperture hinged lid shown in open position with power and data connection block belowOur cable hatch is a very simple yet low cost and neat solution which fulfills 3 requirements.  Firstly it provides a very generously sized hole through which cables of all sorts, together with their large UK sized plugs can be fed through with great ease. Secondly, it gives easy access to the cable management tray underneath the desktop which can save having to get down on one’s hands and knees to access cables.  And finally, a basic power bar can be placed within the cable tray just below it so that users have instant access to plug in their mobile devices whenever they use the desk.

Desk Screens and Modesty Panels

Forty O fabric covered screen with a metal frame in white matching the desk frame colour Metal Framed Fabric Screen
Forty O fabric covered screen Fabric Screen
FortyO perspex screen in orange Plexiglass Screen
Forty O screen made from recycled PET material. Colour grey Recycled PET Acoustic Screen
FortyO acoustic desk screen in green wool fabric Acoustic Screen


Choose from the range of FortyO specific plexiglass or fabric covered screens to add a dash of colour and privacy.


Desk Shapes & Configurations

Rectangular single desk with 'O' style legs Single Straight Desk


Single sided line of bench desks with 'O' style legs Inline Straight Bench


Twin Bench Desk with shared O style legs and frame Twin Bench


4 person bench desk with shared frame components and O profile legsMulti-Position Bench


Crescent shaped corner desk with o style leg frameCrescent  Corner Desk


Standard MFC Worktop Finishes

MFC Whitened Oak Desk Finish Swatch Whitened Oak


MFC Amber Oak Desk Finish SwatchAmber Oak


MFC Sand Ash Desk Finish SwatchSand Ash


MFC White with Amber Oak edging Desk Finish SwatchWhite with Oak Edge


MFC White Finish SwatchWhite


MFC Walnut Desk Finish SwatchWalnut


MFC Grey Wood Desk Finish SwatchGrey Wood


Pearl Grey


MFC Cubanit Grey Desk Finish SwatchCubanit Grey


Dark Grey




Metal Frame and Leg Colours



Dark Grey






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