Round – Modular Office Desking System with Integrated Storage

Modular Office Desking and Storage Combination System

ROUND is our latest range of modular desking. But it is more than just desking, it’s an office environment creator enabling flexible design layouts from a range of interchangeable storage, screen and desk components.

Designed to offer a serious yet economical solution to todays working practices, addressing the need for Collaborative Teamwork Space, Personal Space, Social Distancing and Quiet Space in large open-plan offices, ROUND is a must-look-at for any business considering re-configuring or relocating their office.

Why is it called Round?

For no better reason than the metal leg frame is round in profile and the desk worktops are rounded at the corners!

How does it work?

Fundamentally ROUND is an integrated storage and desking system.  A selection of interlocking cabinet and shelving modules which can be built into numerous configurations form the basis of the system.  These are integrated with single desks or bench desks to create infinite office space layout options.

A combined desk and stroage system providing configurable personal private work space and team collaboration working areas

Here is a snapshot of just a handful of base module configurations that can be used to create multiple workstation and workspace layouts. One tier of bookcases or cabinets above desk height is shown, but 2 tiers are encouraged where privacy is required.


Base Storage Only
One Tier Storage Above Desk Height
Two Tier Storage Above Desk Height

ROUND is not just an integrated desk and storage system. It can also be utilised wholly or partially as standard stand-alone or bench configuration desking. Multiple workstation sizes are available from 1200mm to 1800mm and in depths (front edge to rear edge of desk) of 700mm and 800mm.

Single Self-Standing Desk
Twin in-line Bench Desk
Twin Bench Desk
Multi-position Bench Desk

Cable Management

ROUND desks can be fitted with a variety of cable trays that sit beneath the worktop.  For easy access to power and data cabling,  Sliding Worktops are available which can be pulled forward to reveal the cabling within the trays.   Where integrated storage is used,  cables can be housed neatly within a trough hidden within the cabinet system itself.


Standard MFC Worktop Finishes

MFC Whitened Oak Desk Finish Swatch Whitened Oak


MFC Amber Oak Desk Finish SwatchAmber Oak


MFC Sand Ash Desk Finish SwatchSand Ash


MFC White Finish SwatchWhite


MFC Walnut Desk Finish SwatchWalnut


MFC Grey Wood Desk Finish SwatchGrey Wood


Pearl Grey


MFC Cubanit Grey Desk Finish SwatchCubanit Grey


Dark Grey




Metal Frame and Leg Colours







Dark Grey



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