Wooden Legged Desking System


A Bench Desking System incorporating Solid Ash Wood Legs

WOOD, named such because its legs are made from natural ash, is a highly versatile and extremely elegant desking system which can be configured as single desks or bench configurations of multiple back-to-back or in-line positions.

Enticing staff back to the office after experiencing months of home working is proving a challenge for many businesses. Creating an environment that is less traditional office-like and more homely and drop-in café style is one possible way to make your work environment a more welcoming place for staff to spend time. WOOD is one of our product ranges that gives off that extra bit of cosy appeal and helps to create this warmer feel-good environment.

Wooden Legged Free Standing Single Office Desk with white HPL worktop and natural Ash solid legs


Octopus Interiors Wooden Legged Bench Desking Range with 4 desk positions, natural ash full width legs and white MFC worktops

This has quickly become our most popular desking range, mainly because of its price justification. Our customers have found that they can kit out their entire office with our elegant wooden-legged desking system for roughly the same price as they would pay our competitors for their very ordinary looking standard desks.

So, please, give us a call and find out more about how this, and our modular collaborative working furniture might work for you in your office.

Desk Sizes and Configurations

Single Desk
Twin Bench Desk
Multiple Position Bench Desk


The Wood Desking Range is available with 700mm and 800mm depth worktops in a choice of 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm and 1800mm widths.

Cable Management

The desk work surfaces can provided with a choice of hinged metal lids or scallop-shaped recesses in the back edge of the desk in order for power and data cables to pass through to the cable tray or floorbox beneath. Alternatively the desks are available without cable apertures.

Desktop without cable port
Desktop with Scallop shaped cable port
Desktop with Hinged Rectangular Cable Lid


Nova Rectangular cable access trap in desk worktop in closed position Nova rectangular cable aperture hinged lid shown in open position with power and data connection block belowThe hinged topped cable aperture is of particular benefit as it opens directly above the cable tray, into which a variety of power and data connection blocks may be placed, providing the user with a neat and concealed yet quick and easy way to connect their mobile devices without having to rummage around beneath the desk to plug into the floor box or power block each time they arrive at, or leave their desk. Furthermore, because this is conveniently positioned at the point of use, there is no need for extra long power or data cables.


Desk-Divider Screens serve many purposes. Today,  social distancing and separation in the office is good practice and will probably continue to be so well into the foreseeable future.  Screens of varying heights and types can help create an attractive and colourful compartmentalization of desking space and add-to, rather than detract from the aesthetic appeal of the office.  Other advantages include the softening of noise, providing a sense of personal space and giving visual privacy.  We offer different types of screens for our wooden-legged desks in a range of heights, sizes and uses, from plexiglass to those that are constructed of sound absorbent materials.

Fabric Screen with Metal Frame
Frameless Fabric Screen
Recycled PET Acoustic Screen
Plexiglass Screen
Acoustic Screen


Dependent on the application, these screens can be configured to run along the rear edge of the desk to provide separation from the person directly facing you, and in addition along one or both sides to provide extra privacy.

Bench Desk with privacy screens on all sides

Colours and Finishes

Customise the appearance and colour of your desks from a selection of contemporary worktop finishes in MFC or the ultra hardwearing Fenix HPL (high pressure laminate), with stained black or natural Ash legs and a huge range of privacy screens, both standard and acoustic, in an array of fabric textures and colours.

Standard MFC Worktop Finishes

MFC Whitened Oak Desk Finish Swatch Whitened Oak


MFC Amber Oak Desk Finish SwatchAmber Oak


MFC Sand Ash Desk Finish SwatchSand Ash


MFC White with Amber Oak edging Desk Finish SwatchWhite with Oak Edge


MFC White Finish SwatchWhite


MFC Walnut Desk Finish SwatchWalnut


MFC Grey Wood Desk Finish SwatchGrey Wood


Pearl Grey


MFC Cubanit Grey Desk Finish SwatchCubanit Grey


Dark Grey



High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Worktop and Wooden Leg Finishes

HPL Fenix Black Desk Finish SwatchBlack Fenix HPL Worktop Finish


HPL Fenix Grey Desk Finish SwatchGrey Fenix HPL Worktop Finish


HPL White Desk Finish SwatchWhite HPL Worktop Finish


Natural Ash Desk Leg Finish SwatchLight Grey Ash Leg Finish


Ash Stained Black Desk Leg Finish SwatchAsh Stained Black Leg Finish




Office Bench Desking System with Solid Wood 'A' profile legs

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