WORKLAB Mobile Desk, Storage & Screen Combo

Worklab combination mobile office workstations incorporating desk, storage and privacy screening on castors

The office look is rapidly changing. The purpose of the London office has changed and with it the layout and functionality.

WORKLAB is just one of many innovative new office furniture solutions offered by Octopus Interiors that enable businesses to create flexible workspaces to suit their ever changing needs.

WORKLAB flexible mobile office workstations with desk worktops, storage, whiteboard and screens

WORKLAB is a mobile workstation, providing within the open plan office touchdown, personal or team desking, storage and privacy screening. When the need arises, it can be instantly wheeled out of the way to make space for a meeting or conference. It offers the ultimate flexibility in office reconfiguration so that teams can be brought together, re-sized or re-organised for specific projects or tasks. With a generous sized worktop but occupying no larger a footprint than a small desk, this is a serious and far more versatile alternative to the regular desk or ‘inflexible’ bench-style desk.

WORKLAB is available in a variety of configurations and finishes to suit the required function and office decor.  The individual elements include whiteboards, bookshelves, cabinets, worktops, cable management, media walls and screens

WORKLAB mobile workstation module options include whiteboard, media wall, cupboards, bookcase and desk.

We also have many other task specific and innovative desking and furniture solutions that will be of interest to you if you’re needing to facilitate the latest work trends in your office. Take a look here at our full range of office furniture.

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