Sonata Executive Desk Chair

Sonata, an executive chair for those who prefer a more traditional style with thick and supportive cushioning, rather than slimline and minimalist contemporary designs. This chair is extremely comfortable, well finished and comes at a moderate price.

Sonata can be fitted with either a Knee Tilt or Synchro mechanism.

Knee-Tilt is typical of traditional executive and boardroom chairs and is still extensively used. With Knee-Tilt, the seat and backrest are fused together at a fixed rake, so the angle between the seat pad and the backrest can not be adjusted. Instead, the entire chair will rock back and forth on its base axis and can be, in this case, locked  in 5 different recline positions. The resistance of the recline can be adjusted with a tension control by the user to suit their weight and desired comfort level.  This is a chair for sitting back, talking and listening rather than intensive computer desk work.

For serious desk work, the Syncho mechanism would be more appropriate as this provides dynamic ergonomic sitting positions via a free-floating backrest synchronised with the movement of the seatpad.

Sonata is available in a range of leather and other premium fabrics. A cantilever framed chair in a matching style complements the range and is perfect as a very comfortable visitor or boardroom meeting chair.

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