Aura. An Upholstered Synchronous Mechanism Task Chair

Aura Ergonomic Desk Chairs with fully upholstered back and seat showing front and rear view

Aura is a serious alternative to the mesh-backed chair. Mesh chairs are extremely popular and many look absolutely gorgeous but they’re not all necessarily to the liking of, or provide optimum comfort for everyone. Unless extremely well designed and made with premium mesh fabrics these chairs, particularly at the lower end of the price spectrum, can be be compromised in quality, ergonomics and comfort.

Aura is a modern take on the classic chair with a moulded foam cushioned and fully upholstered backrest which provides an excellent level of comfort and support. Furthermore, whereas mesh chairs are generally restricted to a small handful of colours, Aura can be upholstered from a huge selection of different types and textures of fabric and colourways and this leads to greater flexibility in office interior design choice.
Roomshot showing Aura task chairs upholstered in a variety of colours in a typical office environment

Synchronous Mechanism

This desk chair incorporates a sophisticated Synchronous Motion Mechanism allowing the user to set the backrest and seat in ‘free-float’ mode so that they can alternate their sitting position between reclined and upright. The backrest will always move with them and remain in contact with their body providing the vital lumbar and upper-back support needed.  As we are all different weights and heights, the pressure required to move the chair when we lean back differs considerably, so the resistance of the backrest can be adjusted by the user with a manual tension control.

Seat Slide and Width Adjustable Armrests

One-size-fits-all is difficult to achieve but there are solutions.  This is particularly relevant to the depth and width of the seat pad. Made too deep & wide and the smaller people amongst us are unable to sit properly with loss of contact of the lower back with the chair’s backrest. Made too short & narrow and taller people don’t get sufficient support beneath their thighs and wider people will find it a real squeeze.

Seat Slide: Aura has an optional sliding seat whereby it can be adjusted forward in order to give more thigh support to people with long legs.
Multi-Directional Armrests:  We offer the choice of 2-dimensional armrests which simply move up and down and forwards and back, or 3-dimensional which can also be adjusted in width in order to accommodate people larger people.

Lumbar Support

Aura task chair backrest showing 'S' shaped lumbar region support, adjustable on a ratchet mechanism


The lower section of the backrest is shaped/curved to fit into the hollow of the lower back and provide lumbar support. However, we all have different height backs so this support needs to be adjustable to fit each individual user. The entire backrest on the Aura is height adjustable on a ratchet system with 6 different height positions. It is raised simply by pulling the backrest upwards, and lowered by lifting it up to the maximum setting and dropping it down.


The option of a fixed headrest is available to extend the height of the backrest and provide support for the head and neck.


Side rear view of aura task chair fixed headrest and its fixings
Front view of Aura task chair showing optional fixed headrest


Standards & Technical Specifications

Quality Standards
• LST EN 1335-1:2000
• LST EN 1335-1:2000 including correction
• LST EN 1335-1:2000/AC:2003
• LST EN 1335-2:2009
• LST EN 1335-3:2009 including correction
• LST EN 1335-3:2009/AC:2009

• Executive & task chairs.


Illustration showing dimensions of Aura Task Chair
Illustration showing dimensions of high back Aura task chair with headrest


• Depth adjustable (50 mm run range);
• Lower part (inner and outer) made of PP (polypropylene);
• Foam made of polyurethane;
• CFC free (NO chlorofluorocarbon).

• Height adjustable (60 mm run range), 6 locking positions;
• Frame (outer and inner) made of PP (polypropylene);
• Foam made of polyurethane;
• CFC free (NO chlorofluorocarbon);
• Clips fixing system.

• Fixed black plastic armrests;
• 2D (two directions) height adjustable armrests. Upper part coated with a PU (polyurethane) pad, soft touch, the lower part is made of black plastic. The top of armrests moving forward or backward;
• 2D (two directions) height adjustable armrests. Upper part coated with a PU (polyurethane) pad, soft touch, the lower part is made of polished aluminium. The top of armrests moving forward or backward;
• 3D (three directions) adjustable black plastic armrests.
• 3D (three directions) adjustable black plastic armrests with polished aluminum lower part.

• Synchronized movement of seat and back;
• 5 locking positions of the backrest;
• Tension adjustment with handwheel (task and executive chairs).

Gas lift
• Chromed or black colour;
• 120 mm run range.

• Five-star polished aluminium or black PA (polyamide) with fiberglass base. External Ø700 mm;
• Rubber free wheel castors for hard floor, Ø65mm;
• PA (polyamide) free wheel castors for soft floor, Ø65 mm.

• Fixed, made of polyurethane and upholstered.

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