Moon Touch Down Chair

Moon Task Chair in touch-down hot desking environment

Where Basic Ergonomics are Sufficient

An attractive but very basic & low cost  chair suitable for relatively short duration seated tasks.  Moon is absolutely ideal for short session Hot-Desking, Touch Down and Meetings where the high price & functionality of a fully ergonomic task chair is not justified.

Basic & Simple

A plywood moulded shell fitted with a minimal layer of foam cushioning to seat and back – firm but sufficient  – and upholstered in a leather, imitation leather, wool mix or polyester crepe fabric of your choice.

The chair is mounted on a height adjustable mobile swivel base of either black plastic construction or polished aluminium, and has a tilt mechanism for added comfort (the user may set the chair to tilt backwards and can adjust the tension according to their weight and preference).
Moon Task Chairs used at Sit-Stand desks

Moon Task Chair used in a meeting room environment



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