Surf – An Ergonomic Mesh Backed Task Chair

Surf is our latest General Purpose Task Chair Offering.  Designed and packaged such that it is sensitive and in-keeping with the needs of today’s businesses, this is a mid-range high performance chair that offers a lot at a very moderate price.

Surf is a cross-over design which is just as suited to the large corporate office as it is to home working, and everything from its functionality to the packaging it leaves the factory in and ease of assembly is purposeful and considerate.  It is supplied fully equipped with all the functionality required with only few optional extras, making your decision making very easy. In fact, the only decisions you will need to make are on fabric and frame colours, and whether you need armrests that adjust in two directions or three.



Surf chair part assembled in just 3 segments seen within its simple cardboard shipping packagingSerious consideration has been made towards simplicity and wastage. Surf is packaged into the minimal possible space with minimal packaging. Gone are the acres of expanded polystyrene and plastic, and instead everything is packed neatly into a small, single cardboard box. And to facilitate faster assembly, either at your office by yourselves or our fitters, or at the homes of you homeworking colleagues, this chair is sent to you in just three majority assembled pieces which simply push together without the need for any tools whatsoever. It’s ‘unpack and go’ within a couple of minutes!

Runner Mesh

Runner Mesh fabric swatches showing 8 different colour options for the Surf chairThe backrest of the Surf chair is upholstered Runner Mesh, a new and unique breathable soft mesh fabric which has a very distinctive look whilst providing an exceptionally high level of comfort to the user.  We are offering this mesh in 9 different colours which, combined with the many different fabric types and colours available for the seatpad, offers you the freedom to create combinations in keeping with your own office interior design and colour schemes.


Synchronous Mechanism with Backrest Travel Limiter

Surf is a Synchronous Mechanism chair with a locking mode that allows the user to restrict how far the backrest reclines whilst in free-float mode.  This is a feature only available on a handful of the most advanced chairs and is a ‘must have’ if the users are to utilise the ergonomics to the full.  Explained in brief, almost all synchronous chairs are designed to be used in ‘free float’ mode whereby the backrest and seat will be unlocked and will constantly move between reclined and vertical as the user sits back or sits forward. The problem is that the furthest most reclined position is almost always far too far back for the user to reach the desk and as a result, they will often lock the seat in a semi-reclined position and lose contact with the chair when sitting forward – hence undoing any ergonomic benefits the chair might offer.  In contrast, with the Backrest Travel Limiter,  the user can select a maximum recline position that suits their working needs, and thereafter whether they are sitting back or sitting forward the backrest will move with them and never lose contact with their back – thus providing support all the time.

Lumbar Support

Surf is supplied as standard with an adjustable lumbar support at the rear of the backrest.

Height adjustable lumbar support that is fitted as standard on the Surf Desk chair


Standard Features

Surf is supplied ‘fully loaded’ with the following standard features:


Side Profile view of the Surf synchronous Task Chair



Quality Standards
• LST EN 1335 – 1:2000
• LST EN 1335 – 1:2000 / AC:2002
• LST EN 1335 – 2:2018

• Task chair

• Sliding seat (depth adjustable in 60 mm);
• Lower part (inner and outer) made in PP (polypropylene);
• Foam made of polyurethane;
• Fabric or leather-look upholstered.

• Frame made of black or white plastic;
• Mesh upholstered.

Lumbar support
• Height adjustable (80 mm run range);
• Made of polyamide plastic.

• Armrests available in 2D, 3D;
• Height adjustable (100 mm run range);
• Width adjustable (35 mm run range);
• Pad moves forward and backward (3D – 40 mm run range);
• Made out of black or white PP plastic, fixed to a metal bar inside the seat with a lever;
• Upper part coated with PU (polyurethane) pads, soft touch.

• Synchronized mechanism with tilt tension adjustment;
• Backrest locking positions (3 positions) OR backrest travel limitation (3 positions);
• Height adjustment by side lever;
• Backrest tension adjustment by side-wheel;
• Negative tilt (for a mechanism with locking positions).

Gas lift
• Chromed or black color;
• 130 mm run range.

• Five-star polished aluminum base;
• Five-star black or white fiberglass reinforced plastic base;
• External Ø705 mm.

• Rubber free wheel castors for hard floor, Ø65 mm;
• PA (polyamide) free wheel castors for soft floor, Ø65 mm.

• Easy assembling – no tools required;
• Chair without armrests comes partially assembled with backrest and seat already connected.
• Chair with armrests comes partially assembled with backrest, seat, and armrests already connected

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