Personal Storage Lockers for Offices


Personal storage lockers specifically designed for use in main office spaces complementing other office furniture and configured in modules of different sized & coloured perforated metal fronted and MFC fronted units

With a considerable upgrade and makeover, the traditional locker that historically had its place only in the changing room, gym and factory has now become an important furniture item in the office.


High bank of uniformly sized and coloured lockers in office work area with push-to-open doors and electronically FOB operated locks

Hot desking means that both regular and occasional users no longer have their own dedicated workstation to sit at each time they visit the office, and gone with it is the under-desk storage pedestal they used to be able to leave personal possessions in at the end of the day. Moreover, desk itself has to be completely cleared so that it can be used by the next hot-desker.

Cycling, running and motorbiking into work has given rise to the need for somewhere to store cycle helmets and gear, crash helmets, boots and leathers, trainers as well as changes of clothes and toiletries.

Workers who divide their time working partly from home and partly from the office often want to leave certain items permanently in the office in a secure space.

Office lockers uses include storage of motorcycle and cycle helmets, suitcases, handbags, jackets and laptops.

Our locker systems from Narbutas are available in a range of sizes, finishes and designs that they can be tailored to your needs.  These are designed to look-the-part in the main office space, complementing the existing furnishings,  and as well as providing a personal storage function for every staff member, they can also be used for space division and improved acoustics.

Combinations of Choice office lockers with perforated metal doors in grey and red, handleless push-to-open doors and ventilated doors.

Modular design means that they can be arranged together seamlessly to form one or many integrated units to fill any particular space or requirement. These can be combined with regular sized closed or open fronted cabinets and bookcases to form endless configurations.


High banks of office lockers with grey frontages with numbering scheme


We can offer you simple key locks, mechanical code locks, electronic code locks,  fob operated or a combination. 

The 5 different types of locks availaible with the Narbutas Choice locker systems

Within any configuration locker doors can be a mixture of perforated metal, full MFC or MFC with a ventilation aperture in a variety of sizes and colours and finishes.

Choice Lockers featuring integrated cushioned seating area, plant boxes atop and locker doors in perforated metal and MFC, both sealed and ventilated.


Office room shot featuring multiple lockers lining walls and providing room and zone division.

Colour combinations for lockers Narbutas Nova office lockers with contemporary handles  

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