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Desks with Storage & Room Division Combined

Desks with integrated localised personal storage

In the wake of Covid-19 many businesses will be re-thinking the way they use their offices, how they will function and how they will need to be planned and laid out. It is quite probable that more emphasis will be placed on spacing desks further apart and creating separation by way of screens or storage.

We have introduced a new economically priced desking system with integrated personal storage. With a number of storage module options the open plan office can be re-modelled extremely cost effectively to allow workspace privacy and security whilst continuing to enable a high level of collaborative interaction between employees.


New Buy or Sell Secondhand Office Furniture Opportunity .

We’re trying something different that might just help a few end-user companies get a mutually good deal on secondhand office furniture they’re either trying to buy or sell.  We don’t know for sure that this will work but we’re prepared to give it a go and we’ve created a new Used Office Furniture page on our website.

We’re often contacted by end-user SME companies who are desperate to sell their no longer needed office furniture – usually desks and chairs and usually because they’ve already spoken to other suppliers only to be told that they will have to pay to have it taken away – 2nd Hand Office Furniture – Paying someone to take it away. As a supplier of new office furniture, we neither have the desire nor resources to get involved in used stuff (we tried it once but it didn’t work for us), but we decided that we would allow a few end-user companies with genuinely decent kit the opportunity to post it on our website.

The idea stemmed from the fact that the trade will rarely pay an end-user for used office furniture unless it is really desirable high-end designer brands and, as mentioned above, it’s more likely that traders will want to be paid to take it away.  The cleared furniture might then end up in a skip, or it might be sold on by the trader for a decent profit.

So this is an opportunity for end-user owners of decent condition mid-range office chairs, desks, storage and anything else office furniture to link directly with other end-user companies wishing to buy and to strike a deal directly between themselves rather than involving the middleman.  If pitched right, in theory at least, the seller at least gets a small return on their investment, and the buyer pays less than they would if via a reseller.


Introducing our new ‘Wood’ desking range.

A new wooden leg version of our Nova Forty range of desking is now available and it comes in single desk and multiple position bench formations.  The legs are of solid hardwood with worktops in a choice of MFC or HPL (high pressure laminate).  With desktop sizes ranging from 1200mm to 1800mm widths and a full range of standard accessories including fabric or perspex screens, cable trays & pedestals, these desks are an exceptionally attractive yet completely practical alternative to the standard norm for both large and small organisations alike. And at prices starting at under £250 per desk position they offer fantastic value for money.

New desk range from Octopus Interiors available in London and Southeast

New wooden legged desk range

Open plan room with 4 desks and chairs in white and mid grey colour scheme_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Office Storage Cupboards with a Difference

NovaLine cupboards in white with orange plexiglass handles and vertical stripesWith a simple design to brighten up the office and make it tastefully and subtly different from everyone else’s, these cupboards from our reasonably priced range come with a plexiglass inlay strip of light green, orange, light blue or white, and with handles to match. These cupboards are now available from Octopus Interiors in a variety of heights and widths, and also in a number of different wood-effect finishes including dual tones.



Our new range of Acoustic Panels for noisy offices

Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings reduce noise levels within open plan space

Fabric covered acoustic panels suspended from ceiling to reduce noiseWe now offer a range of acoustic panels designed to reduce echo and noise in the office by absorbing sound and restricting sound deflections. These panels, made from an acoustic material,  are fabric covered in a choice of colours. They can be suspended from the ceiling or mounted onto walls.



Electric Height Adjustable Desks

Electronically height adjustable desk Electrically operated sit-stand desks don’t have to be out of reach of the average business due to cost.  Our new One range is available in 1400mm and 1600mm sizes at prices from around £400 + VAT*.  As the name suggests, these Sit-Stand desks give the user the flexibility of either sitting or standing at their desk and the height can be adjusted in an instant at the press of a button.  Siting at a desk for prolonged periods, even if you use an advanced ergonomic chair, can be tiring and far from optimal for the back. Your body needs movement so a regular change of working position between sitting and standing throughout the day can be very beneficial.

* Prices subject to minimum order values and contract.


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