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Office Refurbishment & Interior Fit-Out

Our tradesmen working on an office fitout

When it’s time to move office, it’s very rare to find one that’s ready to move straight into without making at least some changes – whether it be installing or removing partition walls, changing the decor, fitting nicer floor coverings or improving the lighting and power & data distribution.

That’s exactly what we do.  We Fit Out and Refurbish office interiors, mainly in Central London and Southwest London and we work directly for you, the office occupier.

An Office fitout nearing completion

do I need a Fitout or a Refurbishment – what’s the difference?

Don’t worry too much about the definition – it doesn’t really matter and contractors like ourselves will  will invariably do both.  What does matter is that the end result is an office that looks and functions exactly the way you want it to for a price you can afford, no matter what the starting point was and the processes involved in achieve it.

But for the purpose of clarification, although the two terms are normally used interchangeably, Office Fitout is probably best described as taking an empty new office space and kitting it out with everything required to make it completely finished and usable (e.g. partition walls, carpeting, electrics, lighting, furniture and so on) whereas refurbishment is taking an existing already fitted out office that is perhaps a bit tired or in need of re-configuring and updating it. So the refurbishment part will probably involve stripping out old fixtures and fittings and making good, and then doing a fit-out.  In theory then, a refurbishment could cost more becuase there are additional processes that take place – i.e. stripping it back and making it good to a point where a fitout can take place.

Our service includes measuring the office space and creating CAD drawings from which we plan your new partitioning and furniture layouts (we also provide this service in order to help you decide whether an office you are considering moving to is going to be suitable for your requirements).

We offer a wide range of products, materials and designs of varying specification and price levels for you to choose from. To ensure smooth running, on time and on budget, our project managers organise and manage every aspect of the refurbishment from start to finish, from ordering of materials & overseeing deliveries to site, through to closely managing our teams of fitters and ensuring that health & safety regulations & quality standards are met.

Here are some aspects of office fit-out we cover:

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