Acoustic Space 

Modular Acoustic Furniture System


My Space Acoustic Office Furniture arrangement of pods of 4 hexagonal desk booths

ACOUSTIC SPACE is our must-have solution for open-plan spaces where higher levels of visual and sound privacy are required. Tall upholstered screens lined with acoustic sound absorbing foam form a versatile & robust desking system.

But it is not just a desking solution. Acoustic areas of varying sizes and shapes also create localised compartmental meeting space, relaxation space and team space.

In large open-plan spaces, this acoustic furniture will not provide complete sound privacy – you will need enclosed acoustic booths or floor to ceiling partitioned offices for that – but it will considerably reduce noise levels, enabling greater levels of concentration and the ability to have productive telephone conversations and meetings that might otherwise be impossible in a noisy environment. Acoustic furniture does work.  General noise that deflects off the hard surfaces of the open plan office is absorbed and hushed by the acoustic panels and the soft furnishings within and around them.  The more there is, the greater the dampening down of sound, not just inside the acoustic spaces the but within the entire office in general.


The range of seating and desking options with Acoustic Space modular office systemWe’ve designed ACOUSTIC SPACE to be easy.  Easy to select, easy to configure, easy to install and flexible for relocating and re-configuring during office moves.  From  just 2 heights and 5 widths of screen an entire open plan office can be set out with a vast array of different sized and shaped desk,  meeting, relaxation and quiet spaces.  Screen heights are 1300mm and 1600mm which are available in 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm widths.   With any combination of these,  private areas of any size and many shapes can be achieved.

A range of modular soft seating, tables and desks have been created to specifically to fit perfectly  into these spaces.
Acoustic Space Screened Zones in a line with different applications


Closeup of screen -based desking systemAcoustic Space Desking is not a standard free standing desk surrounded by screens, but rather a desk worktop properly integrated into the screen panelling. Special fixings are factory fitted into the screens allowing a selection of different sized and shaped desk worktops to be mounted with a perfect and robust fit.

The brackets allow a desk height adjustment of 720mm and 780mm to suit different requirements.


3 acoustic screen based desk positions in a line of different widths and heights Acoustic Space Straight Desks of different sizes and height settings to suit the task requirement


Hexagon shaped acoustic fabric screen configuration with integrated desksHexagonal Desk Space Configuration


How do these differ from standard screens – are they really Acoustic?

Yes, they most certainly are!  Standard desk and office divider screens are usually fabric covered chipboard.  Although these might offer a very minor acoustic enhancement, it will be very negligible.

Technical detail of acoustic screen compositionOur acoustic screens  and panels are clad with 10mm of acoustic foam on either side of the core board and upholstered with finishing fabric to give them the look, colour and feel you require. So, they might look like standard screens, but they will be thicker, have a soft cushioned feel when touched and thanks to 20mm of foam, have very good sound absorption properties.
Acoustic Screen zone layout

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