Basic Task Chair

EvaOne Chair range showing 4 chairs each equipped differently

We describe this as a basic task chair only because it lacks some of the ergonomic features and functions of a sophisticated chair (a synchronous mechanism chair for example), but by no means is it lacking in comfort and style.

This is not one we would recommend for long duration intensive desk work – we have other chairs for that – but rather this is one for more occasional or shared use – such as hot-desking and touchdown, or even as an extremely comfortable meeting chair.  And of course, the slight lack of sophistication is reflected in the price.

EvaONE  is a tilt-mechanism swivel chair. That means the backrest and seat-pad are set at a fixed angle of rake and reclining motion can be achieved by the user by rocking the entire chair back and forth on its central pivot. This can be locked by the user, or left in a free-motion mode where by the resistance can be adjusted via a tension control in order to accommodate the users weight and preferred level of comfort.

Available in multiple  finishes this chair can be equipped and configured to bring excitement and colour into the TouchDown and Meeting areas in your office.

EvaONE chairs featured with white and black framework


Quality Certification
• LST EN 1335-1:2000
• LST EN 1335-1:2000/AC:2003
• LST EN 1335-2:2009

• Task chairs;
• Visitor, conference & dining chairs.

• Made of foam HR5050.

• Frame made of black or white plastic;
• Upholstered with mesh.

Lumbar support
• Height adjustable, made of white or black plastic

• Two types of fixed black plastic armrests;
• Height adjustable white plastic armrests;
• 2D (two directions) adjustable armrests with soft PU (polyurethane) pads;
• 2D (two directions) adjustable white plastic armrests with polished aluminum lower part.

• Tilting mechanism;
• 5 locking position with return prevention safety system to adjust backrest inclination;
• Tension adjustment with handwheel.

Gas lift
• Chromed or black colour;
• 120 mm run range

• Five-star polished aluminium or black plastic base with fiberglass, external Ø680 mm;

• Rubber free wheel castors for hard floor, Ø65 mm;
• PA (polyamide) free wheel castors for soft floor, Ø65 mm

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