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A versatile office reception counter desk with fabric covered facing panels of multiple colours seen here in a color combination of yellow, brown, orange, red, blue and green vertical fabric trims and a black MFC countertop.


The face of the office is constantly evolving to accommodate our latest working habits, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a Reception Counter for meeting and greeting guests and receiving courier deliveries. Yet it doesn’t have to be a great big imposing, cumbersome thing (like many of those from times gone by) but rather an elegant and perhaps even colourful piece of furniture that reflects the mood and intent of your office and your company.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to look just perfect for your office. Times have changed and even our budget priced reception counters that cost a mere few hundred £’s look really smart (and have quality too)!

Whatever your needs, we are sure to have something to meet your budget and style from a range of simple reception counters costing just a few hundred pounds to some of the beautifully styled wood veneered and laminate designs shown here….read on


Wave-shaped reception counter in two-tone real wood veneers Wave
Crescent shaped reception counter desk with white laminate frontage and crown cut walnut worktop and turretCrescent


Curved reception counter with high front in real maple with glass counter top and aluminium bandingCurve
Tera rounded end reception counter in MFC and HPL finishTera




We don’t have a Receptionist so is a Reception Counter really necessary?

Many businesses don’t have or can not justify having a receptionist. But does that mean it’s inappropriate to have a Reception Desk?  Not necessarily.  Guests still have to be greeted and courier deliveries still have to be received.  If there’s space near the main entrance or lifts into your office suite, even if someone has to walk from their desk in the open-plan office to that greeting point, a reception counter can still be a useful addition – even if it is quite small.

Why? :-  Most visitors are ‘buzzed-in’ via an intercom and they might arrive inside your office before their ‘Greeter’ is able to walk from their desk to the entrance.  Because a reception counter is recognised by most as the point beyond which visitors should not go unless invited, and particularly in an open-plan environment (where the reception is flows directly into the main space with no dividing walls) it acts as a psychological barrier encouraging them to wait there for someone to see them rather than wandering further into your main work area seeking out someone to help them and disturbing your colleagues in the process.

Our modern reception desks not only look the part but start at just a few hundred pounds so cost is less of an issue than it might have been in the past.  And our smallest units start at roughly the size of a regular desk so they really don’t have to take up much space – although dependent on where it is positioned, you will perhaps need to consider whether there is sufficient space both behind (for your staff to sit or stand) and in front for your visitors to stand.

More about our Reception Desks and Counters

The chances are that we will have something suitable for your office.  Even if you have an awkwardly shaped space to fill or have an unusual requirement that can not be fulfilled by the regular designs we can usually build a bespoke unit that will.

We offer a wide variety of  reception desk designs from a selection of standard shapes and sizes to bespoke builds in real wood veneers, MFCs and HPL (high pressure laminates). Most of the standard designs are based on modular blocks of curved and straight sections of different dimensions which fit together seamlessly to create a size, shape and style to fit your space and requirements.

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