Osaka Solution Dyed Office Carpet Tiles

Made in the UK by Burmatex

'Osaka' carpet tiles by Burmatex. Heavy contract for offices, solution dyed nylon with multilevel structured loop. A mixture of patterned grey shades

Osaka is a range of carpet tiles designed for the rigours of use within busy offices. A beautiful random pattern is created through the combining different coloured solution dyed yarns and varying height pile within the same carpet tile. Osaka is composed of 100% solution dyed Nylon (Polyamide) and has a very generous 795g/m2 pile weight further improves its wear performance over other lighter nylon products.

A range of 12 shades are available.

Osaka Range of Carpet tiles in desk Work area of office. In multiple patterned colours of orange, dark greys and light greys

Osaka Range of Carpet tiles in reception and lounge waiting area of large corporate office building. In multiple patterned colours of greens and greys


12 Colourways

Burmatex Osaka Chiru Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Chiru
Burmatex Osaka Sesame Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Sesame
Burmatex Osaka Sumi Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Sumi
Burmatex Osaka Kumo Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Kumo
Burmatex Osaka Sora Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Sora


Burmatex Osaka Hikari Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Hikari
Burmatex Osaka Kori Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Kori
Burmatex Osaka Mochi Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Mochi
Burmatex Osaka Kawa Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Kawa
Burmatex Osaka Gingko Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Gingko


Burmatex Osaka Hanabi Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Hanabi
Burmatex Osaka Arashi Carpet Tile Colour Swatch Arashi


Why Nylon and why Solution Dyed?

Commercial carpeting yarn is typically made from either Polypropylene or Polyamide (Nylon). Polypropylene is typically only offered at the low budget/entry level end.  When it comes to durability, they’re both really tough, in some respects polypropylene is tougher, but polyamide (Nylon) retains its form much better, so, in high foot traffic areas such as corridors, reception areas and main aisles within the office, and also beneath desk chairs where castors are constantly rolling back and forth over the carpet, nylon yarn will usually regain its form better than polypropylene (polypropylene tends to flatten and not recover).

As for solution dying, this is the most colour fast method of giving colour to the carpet. With this procedure, the individual fibers are dyed before they are made into a yarn, rather than the the finished yarn being dyed at a later time.  So, a solution dyed yarn is coloured all the way through whereas, for example, a batched dyed yarn only contains the colour on the surface. What does this mean in practical terms?  Well, it is simply that fading from UV light is less likely, and cleaning the carpet tile is less likely to cause colour loss or change.

What do we do?

Octopus Interiors supply and fit these carpet tiles throughout London and nearby areas including Berkshire and Surrey.  Our service also includes site visits, measuring, planning and product and design layout advice.

Boardroom fitted with Osaka carpet tiles from Burmatex

Osaka carpet tiles fitted in circular pattern within rounded office

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