CHILL modular soft seating

Octopus Chill Modular Linear soft seating arrangement in blue and grey fabrics

A simple but effective solution to a multitude of soft seating and soft furniture needs. Chill is a linear modular system, really simple to configure, assemble and re-configure. Create a multitude of fabulous designs from just 8 modules.

Just 8 Standard Modules

Showing each of the 4 Octopus Chill modular soft seating modules with backrests Four Seat Modules with Backrest
Showing each of the Octopus Chill Soft Seating Modules without backrests (poufs) and 4 Backless Pouf Modules


Mix up the colours from a selection of leather, wool, polyester and leather-look fabrics to produce a scheme that suits your environment. And if you need some assistance making those colour choices – and configuration designs – we may be able to help you by producing computer generated images and plans like the ones seen here. There are over 100 colours to choose from, so there’s no shortage of choice!


Add some convenience with built in power and fast USB modules so that visitors and staff can power & charge their mobile devices and use these spaces as a place of work, not just for relaxation. And make a simple conversion of a pouf into a table with the addition of the metal table plate.

Chill is not just an open area seating system.  It is also an integral part of our Acoustic Soft Furniture range.  With a combination of Acoustic Screens, Acoustic Panelling, Work Tops and the Chill Seating System we can create closed and semi-closed work spaces, formal and informal meeting spaces and relaxation areas within the open plan office. These systems were designed to work together with uniformly sized modules in order to give a perfect fit.

Octopus Chill seating combined with matching acoustic wall panelling t Chill Seating and Acoustic Panelling Combination within Wooden Casement


Octopus Chill seating combined with acoustic screens to form segmented work and relaxation spaces Chill Seating and Acoustic Screen Combination


Octopus Chill Soft Seating within open office space and also inside our Acoustic Booths. Chill Seating within our Acoustic Booths (also with acoustic panelling)

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