ARCO Modular Soft Seating

Create soft seating configurations to fit your office space perfectly – the way you want it to look and the way you want it to function. From curved and straight segments with high acoustic backs, low backs or no backs at all, the combinations with Arco are limitless.

In functional office spaces as well as public areas this modular lounge furniture seating system can be used to create individual workspaces,  reception & lounge areas, private meeting spaces in open-plan offices,  and open meeting areas.

With individual stand-alone armchairs and sofas to vast flowing designs of continuous connected seating, Arco offers it all.

Add functionality to your Arco seating by adding integrated tables and armrests with power outlets and fast USB charging,  and compact mobile tables.

With so much to choose from and so many possible combinations and designs, it’s probably difficult to imagine what it might look like or what would best fit the space and functionality you require. But don’t worry, let us know roughly what you have in mind and we’ll create a layout in CAD and provide some high resolution photo-realistic imagery.



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