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Space Plan example 2

Space Plan 2 (3D)


Space planning is a fundamental process in any office fit-out or refurbishment project. It allows us to accurately plot the position and layout of office furniture and partition walls so that we can work out the best fit to suit your needs.

To achieve this, we carry out a Measured Building Survey by visiting the office and taking accurate laser measurements, then creating a scaled floor plan of the office in CAD (computer aided design programme).  Once we have the plan, we can set about producing space plans.

Reasons why you might want to use our space planning service:

Space planning needs to be the first step in any of these processes and this is particularly relevant at the early stages of searching for a suitable new office to move into.  It can be a very costly mistake to assume that because an office is a certain size (overall sq footage) you will necessarily be able to fit everything you want into it as there are many other factors that need to be taken into account such as the shape, position of pillars, width of rooms, height of ceiling and position of windows to name a few.  One office of a given size may have substantially less usable space than another of the same size and this is why space planning is so important. We can help you identify very quickly and at a very early stage which of the offices you are viewing are going to give you the space and layout you need.  And at the same time, we can also give you an indication of how much it might cost to bring the office up to the specification you require. So, give us a call as soon as, or before, you set off on your new property search.

What does it cost?   We usually offer space planning free of charge as long as your requirement from us is reasonable and that we have the resources available at the time you need the work carried out. Our space planning, and in particular our measured building surveys are intended solely for the purpose of assisting London office occupiers identify how they can utilise their existing or future office space most efficiently in advance of occupation or refurbishment. Our plans are only sufficiently detailed for the purpose of space planning within the office suites you are intending to occupy, and will normally not show the entire building layout (e.g. common parts – stairwells, WCs, other office suites etc). For more elaborate and detailed measured drawings suitable for developers, architects, M&E layouts or structural work planning there are a number of specialist Measured Building Surveyors who would provide the service you require for an appropriate fee.

space plan 3
Space Plan 3 (3D)

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