Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Desks

Why Sit Stand Desks?

It’s simple. They give your staff the freedom to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the working day, at the press of a button. This is widely considered to contribute considerably to wellbeing in the workplace.  But not only is it about standing. Each user can also set their optimum seating height too, which is most likely to be higher or lower than a standard fixed height desk.

Our Range

Our electronically operated Sit-Stand desks rank amongst the most robust and reliable in the market but are priced such that most of our customers can afford to kit-out their entire office with these, rather than regular desks. Although higher in price than our standard desks, our entry priced sit-stand desk, starting at around £300 + VAT for a 1200mm wide unit, is comparable with some of our competitors’ fixed desks.

We offer 5 ranges, 3 regular office workspace types and two executive. All have dual (rather than single) motors for added durability and weight load, anti-collision sensors, soft start and stop function and a height position memory option. A twin bench-type desk is available in the premium office work group range, and there are a range of accessories for all including screens, cable trays, power modules and more…read on

Standard & Team Sit-Stand Desks

Executive Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desks

Worktop sizes of the standard and team ranges are between 1200mm to 1800mm width, and height ranges are between 620mm minimum seated and 1300mm maximum standing although each range offers a slightly different maximum and minimum height so it is wise to factor this in to your decision making process, particularly if you have some extra tall people working from your office!  These height variations are detailed on the individual product pages.

How to choose a Sit-Stand Desk

Sit Stand desks need to be fit-for-purpose and that means having the right level of functionality,  durability and appearance for your specific office needs. In particular, you should consider who is going to be using them and how tall they are because many of these desks will not extend to a high enough working position for the tallest amongst us. Furthermore, they cost more than regular desks, in most cases considerably, so its important you make the right decision from the outset. They might all look very similar but there are some fundamental differences that you will need to weigh up very carefully.

Height Range: Typically, these height adjustable desks are available with 2 or 3 lifting columns (i.e. each leg is made up of 2 or 3 telescopic tubes that slide in or out from one another in order to heighten or lower the desk).  Three columns usually gives both a higher maximum standing height and a lower minimum seating height than two columns.   This is important because, as mentioned earlier, the height achieved by a 2 column unit might not be adequate for taller people to work at. Furthermore, a useful bonus of the Sit-Stand desk is that they can often be lowered to a seating height below that of fixed height regular desks. The standard height of an office desk used to be 72cm, but for some years now it has been around 74cm. That’s all well and good for some of us, but its simply far too high for a great many people (and even too low for a few).  Some of our height adjustable desks can lower to as little as 62cm which is quite a difference, so when choosing your sit-stand desk, consider also the needs of the less tall people in your office.

Durability: Consider how often are these desks going to be used (are they occasional desks or are they used 8 hours a day), and what your staff likely to keep on them.  They have moving parts and electronics so the quality and capacity of the electronic elements, as well as the mechanical components are important factors.  Some height adjustable desks have a single motor which controls both legs, whereas others have 2 motors, one per leg. Clearly two motors is better than one (as long as the quality is good) and in general the load carrying capacity of the 2 motor desks is greater than one.  Not only that, but with two motors operating in tandem and sharing the load, reliability and lifespan is likely to be increased.  Needless to say, all of our sit-stand desks have 2 motors.

Anti-Collision:  Most of our desks have an anti-collision feature. If, whilst in operation, the sensors detect an obstruction – for example a pedestal under the desk – it will cause the motor to stop in order to avoid damage.

Soft Start and Stop:  All of our desks have a soft start and soft stop feature. This means that when the button is pressed or released, it doesn’t start or stop abruptly with a jolt that causes everything on the desk to shake. Instead it does so with a much more gentle motion.

Memory: All of our desks have, either as standard or as an option, height controls which offer position memory. This means that the user can programme their preferred standing and sitting heights and achieve exactly the same level every time.  Some have 2 memories, whereas others have multiple memories which is useful if more than one person uses a particular desk.


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