SoftRock Modular Soft Seating System

SoftRock modular seating arrangement in an airport departure lounge

SoftRock.  A Simply superb design created by Danish designers Strand+Hvass and winner of the much sought after German Design Award in 2022.

For Linear or Curved configurations, SoftRock provides an excellent solution as single seater, island pods or large interconnected seating arrangements for indoor public and private office & hotel receptions or lounges. Design is made very easy with just 6 seat modules allowing flexibility to create a multitude of shapes, of any size  –  the amount of space you have is the only limitation!

Illustration showing multiple configuration suggestions for SoftRock modular office soft seating system

Division of Space

For higher levels of privacy, and today as an important aid to safer working (social distancing), a range of screens of different sizes can be incorporated into the design. These may be upholstered in a range of fabrics matching the seating cushions, including imitation (faux) leather which is easy to wipe down, clean and disinfect where the need arises.

SoftRock modular softseating with high integrated screens as a practical solution for social distancing

Armrests of 2 heights, fitted intermittently or to every seat section as desired, creates a further level of comfort as well as a sense of personal space and can be equipped with power modules enabling guests and staff to power and charge their mobile devices.  SoftRock may therefore be used as a place to work for short to medium durations where desk-space is limited, or where a change of comfort level is required.

As with all of our soft furniture ranges, these today are as much – if not more so –  about creating comfortable functional working spaces for collaborative working, meetings, touchdown and high concentration tasks as they are for providing seating for breakout and reception areas.

Mains power module built into armrest of sofa
SoftRock island pod of modular seating

SoftRock Modular Seating System in various shades of green

Maximise your office space or public lounge with a unique design and appearance by combining the curved and straight segments of SoftRock and adding lots of colour from the selection of fabrics we offer.

SoftRock modular seating design from above



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