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We supply and install a wide range of office desks and bench desking systems to suit the needs of most types of organisation. The majority of our customer base is in Central London but we also cater for most office locations within the South-East of England.

Our product portfolio ranges from low cost but quality European manufacturerd desks which can often be supplied and installed for under £100 + VAT each* (regular sized 160cm by 80cm desks) to best of class contemporary system furniture ranges from leading brands.

For many years our core range has been the Arkus & Horizont from Techo, the choice of many corporate furniture buyers but also an excellent solution for the smaller business where quality, flexibility and value are high on the agenda. The elegant & light appearance is deceptive as the heavy duty metal beam structure with ultra hard wearing laminate worktops mean that this is one of the most sturdy & toughest desking systems of all.

With a choice of leg styles, dozens worktop shapes & sizes in wood shades or solid colours, this is a desking system that will last for years. A continuity of manufacture policy ensures that companies buying this product today will be able to order identical matching units and components in years to come as their businesses expand.

The versatile design allows shared components in certain configurations resulting in reduced costs and greater freedom of movement for the user.

With high-end pedigree at mid-range pricing the Techo Arkus and Techo Horizont offer exceptional value for money. As a guide, our price (excluding delivery and installation) for a regular sized rectangular desk of 160cm by 80cm is from £180 + VAT to £230 + VAT dependent on specification.

*All prices stated are subject to contract and may be dependent on quantities, delivery location and other factors.

More about Arkus

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Desk shapes and configuration options

Budget Priced Desks


Budget in price but without compromising quality.  For small businesses and start-up companies with limited budgets we offer a fantastic selection of economically priced quality-made desks together with matching storage cupboards, pedestals and desk screens. These desks are available in a choice of panel-end, four legged or cantilever styles in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes.

Lead-times are generally around three to four weeks, but a limited range of the most popular colour and sizes are stocked and usually available for delivery and installation at your London office within a few days of order.


Bench Desking Systems


prod_desks_techoBench Desks have become a popular alternative to regular (single) desks and we have a number of different solutions to offer. The design allows for multiple adjoined desk positions in a line, sharing framework and reducing on the quantity of legs. The intermediate legs are often inset from the front edge of the desk to allow the user more freedom of movement.  The rationale is that the reduction of metal components can (but not always) provide a lower cost solution than the same quantity of regular desks, and the lack of additional legs provides easier access beneath the desk for IT cabling and power, and can also facilitate the positioning of floor boxes which may not need to be so specifically positioned. It is important to mention the downside of such desks, and that is that they can be far more difficult to re-configure should your office layout requirements change in the future. You could end up with a very large fixed sized desk that you are unable to fit into your new office!

Our premium offering is the Techo Platform (pictured above). This is an immensely robust bench desking system which is available in numerous standard and bespoke sizes with flip-up panels at the rear of the desktop for easy access to the cable management system. A top-end product with a mid-range price tag designed for the corporate office and city dealing room environment, but is also an excellent choice for an SME office.

An alternative economically priced option from Octopus is the Qore bench system (pictured below). Although not as sophisticated or versatile as the Techo Platform, this system offers excellent value for money.



The full range of desks available from Octopus Interiors:

Other office desking solutions from Octopus Interiors

In addition to the products detailed on this web page, we offer a wide range of other desk and workstation solutions. For more information please contact us for a meeting or discussion, or click on the images below for further detail.

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Panel End Desks Cantilever Desks Combo-Desks
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