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Glide-Tec. The Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair

Glide-Tec. The Ultimate Ergonomic Office Chair

Grammer Office Galileo Chair in Orange Upholstery
Our bodies need movement even when we’re sitting down. A healthy spinal column is aided by a frequent change between a hollowed and flattened lower back shape. Conventional office chairs do not allow this to a sufficient extent, and as many of us spend over 2000 hours each year sitting at our desks it is no wonder that we suffer from tiredness and stiff, aching backs.

Glide-Tec is a unique patented gliding seat mechanism which provides active-comfort by enabling free movement between these positions whilst maintaining the correct spinal support at all times. With Glide-Tec you sit relaxed and healthy.

How does it work? As you lean back the seat freely glides horizontally forwards resulting in a flatter lower back shape. As you sit upright, the seat slides backwards and your spine adopts the S-shape. The patented lumbar support systems adapt to your back automatically and support it in each position. Unlike conventional chairs, even when leaning back your hands still remain within reach of the keyboard so it is possible to work effectively even in a reclined position.



Upright position. Seat back. Hollowed back. Reclined position. Seat forward. Flattened lower back.
Upright position. Seat back. Hollowed back. Reclined position. Seat forward.
Flattened lower back.

Back problems are considered to be a major cause of reduced productivity through sick leave and decreased effectiveness due to discomfort whilst sitting at a desk. Glide-Tec provides a demonstrably higher level of seating and movement comfort than chairs with a conventional synchronous mechanism. In addition, the load is taken off the neck, shoulders, arms and legs in the lumbar vertebrae area – actively aiding the user to remain more relaxed, healthy and more productive.

Glide-Tec chairs are available in a variety of different models, sizes and finishes.

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